How safe is it to travel to europe this summer?

Jonathan Moen asked a question: How safe is it to travel to europe this summer?
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  • Is it safe to travel in Europe this summer? If the Governments start lifting the travel ban, it means that it is considered safe to travel to Europe this summer, taking into consideration that measures to prevent any kind of problem will be taken. Traveling may not feel comfortable for many, but it will be safe if done correctly.

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At this time, flights to Europe are still a little wonky as the US has travel restrictions in place for noncitizens. But don't worry, if you have a visa or proof of citizenship, you should have no ...

But while Europe is starting to ease their travel restrictions as a whole heading into summer, you should still review an individual country's entry requirements to check that you can actually go...

Safe Places to Travel in Europe in Summer 2021. If you’re trying to plan your summer holidays 2021 in Europe, and you’re facing problems in understanding what is happening and what will happen, we’re here to help: in this article, you will find updates on where you can travel this summer 2021, which borders are closed, what are the restrictions in place and what you need to know before ...

Travel to Europe This Summer: Possible or Not. As Europe is starting to see a decrease in the number of infections, many EU countries have decided to relax some of their precautionary measures, related to entry bans and travel restrictions, which were taken in a bid to stop the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). Regarding the lifting of ...

On June 18, the European Union recommended lifting the ban on nonessential travel for visitors from the United States just in time for the summer season, which is crucial to the E.U.’s economy.

Americans are also currently allowed to travel to the UK, which formally split from the European Union last year, though leisure travel is still discouraged and will require testing and quarantine,...

With one of the lowest number of severe cases of Covid-19 in Europe (less than the UK, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece,...), Malta is one of the safest destinations for this summer in Europe. With its sublime beaches, hikes, architectural or religious heritage or for lovers of history or water sports (Malta is one of the best destinations for diving in Europe ), Malta has everything to please you.

Many people avoided traveling during the summer of 2020 in an effort to stay safe and conserve funds at a time when the economy was still pretty shaky. This summer, more Americans are looking to...

A SUMMER holiday in Europe can go ahead this year as long as it is "done safely", a top European politician has advised. European Commission vice president Margrethe Vestager said she hoped Britons could travel abroad for a break in July and August, despite previous fears that holidays may not happen.

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