How much will it cost to travel europe?

Gust Rempel asked a question: How much will it cost to travel europe?
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Intercity travelling

Inter-city commuting for 6 days in Europe as per the mentioned itinerary would cost you INR 15,000 approx. Options like Flixbus, Ryanair, Vueling and many other options are available.

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The most expensive countries for travel in Europe are currently Malta (€226.85), Switzerland (€185.63), France (€185.54), Monaco (€168.46), Liechtenstein (€166.42), Iceland (€150.07), Luxembourg (€147.18), Denmark (€144.55), United Kingdom (€142.40), and Netherlands (€136.78). Affordable Travel in Europe

Cost to go to Europe So how much does it cost to go to Europe for 2 weeks? You know the answer – it depends! But, a good estimate is about $3,960.

For a middle-of-the-road holiday (neither budget nor luxury living) we recommend from: AU$100 to AU$150 per person, per day. This will cover sightseeing, food and drinks, shopping and other nitty-gritties. But of course, there are heaps of ways to cut down on this cost – or add to it – to create your preferred budget.

Eating out budgets in those same locations were around $257 (Zagreb), $0 (Thun), $41 (Bad Ischl), and $88 (Tartu). This means totals for those three places landed at $650 (Zagreb), $614 (Thun), $694 (Bad Ischl), and $517 (Tartu). As you can see, food spending varies, but not enormously.

It probably won’t surprise many, but France gets the title as the most expensive country for travellers, according to World of Wanderlust, with a cost-per-day to tourists of €182.19. Meals cost on...

I’m pretty proud of how I saved and budgeted for the trip! I had guessed it would cost $6000 for everything after doing my research on what it would cost per day in the countries I wanted to visit. I ended up coming in a bit under at $5,500 so I had an extra $500 to spend on other things. I’d call that a win!

It cost me a whole of 1,60,000 approximately. The biggest advantage with Europe is you get a Schengen visa and you can travel to 26 countries of Europe. I was checking for the visa requirements list, here are the docs you need to submit: 1)We need to have flight ticket bookings.

You will require a Schengen Visa for your tour to Europe. The visa will cost you: (Image courtesy: Schengen Visa Info) Find flights to Hungary. Accommodation – around INR8,000. Finding a cheap accommodation in Europe, especially Central Europe, isn’t difficult. That’s because the countries in this region are famous among backpackers. This means you will have ample of hostels, budget hotels, rental apartments and dorms to choose from. And they are totally economical. For example, in ...

Europe travel offers the visitor a diversity of experiences within a short period of time. Stay in the glossy cities of France, Germany, Spain, or Scandinavia; drive through the scenic countryside of Switzerland, Scotland, England or Iceland; take your family on a culture trip through Austria, Italy, Portugal, Turkey or Russia. The exotic Lake Bled, the artistic Amsterdam, the classy Paris, the party-loving Budapest, the romantic Prague, each of these have their own charm and will attract a ... has looked into these prices and brought a list of how much COVID-19 testing costs in some of the most visited EU countries. According to European Consumer Centre (ECC) France, countries like Germany and Belgium have the highest costs of getting tested for COVID-19, while some others like Greece and Italy have the cheapest.

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