How much is the swiss travel pass?

Erich Flatley asked a question: How much is the swiss travel pass?
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Quick comparison of the different Swiss Travel Passes

Swiss Travel PassSwiss Travel Pass Flex
1st or 2nd Class1st or 2nd Class
Duration: 3, 4, 6, 8 or 15 consecutive daysDuration: 3, 4, 6, 8 or 15 days in 1 month
Price: CHF 232 – CHF 675Price: CHF 267 – CHF 706

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Valid on 3, 4, 8 or 15 freely selectable days within one month. Product. Price in CHF in 2nd class. Price in CHF in 1st class. Swiss Travel Pass Flex Youth 3 days in 1 month. 228.00. 362.00. Swiss Travel Pass Flex Youth 4 days in 1 month. 276.00.

Children up to 5 travel along for free; Children from 6 to 15 travel for free if the parents have a Swiss Half Fare Card and a Swiss Family Card. If the parents do not have a Swiss Family Card, they can buy the cheaper 1-day travel pass for children. This pass requires the child to be accompanied by an adult, who doesn't need to be a relative.

The Swiss Travel Pass is available for 1st or 2nd class traveling; Children travel along for free with the Swiss Family Card. The Swiss Travel Pass is a perfect fit if: you have planned a lot of traveling. You'll save money as point to point tickets are more expensive; you prefer ticketless traveling. You don't need to buy tickets for each trip;

This popular Rail Pass for Switzerland gives you unlimited access on the network of Swiss Travel System. The Swiss Travel Pass is sold for 3, 4, 8 and 15 days and allows a free entrance to over 480 museums and exhibitions. Buy Swiss Travel Pass Swiss Travel Pass Flex

For foreign guests, the all-in-one ticket Swiss Travel Pass is the key to Switzerland’s public transport network. This single ticket enables visitors to explore Switzerland from end to end by train, bus and boat on 3, 4, 8 or 15 consecutive days. With the Swiss Travel Pass Youth, young people up to their 26th birthday travelling through ...

It depends on the subscription you want. For TL (Lausanne bus) it is 74 francs for zone 11-12/month. For an AG (general subscription, all transport, all Swiss regions) it is : 2nd class 3860 and 6300chf for first class for Adult. 120 views

A Swiss Travel Pass also allows for free travel on the normal trains to get to the mountain attractions, but it only allows a 50% discount on some cable cars (some are 100% included) and a 25% discount on the Jungfraujoch tourist train.

As mentioned above, the consecutive and flexible passes are available to people under 26 years of age with a 15% discount to the Swiss Travel Pass cost. The Swiss rail pass cost for the Half Fare Card is CHF 120 and of course, as mentioned below, the Swiss Pass Family Card is completely free of charge. What is a Swiss Travel Pass?

This is known as the Swiss Travel Pass Flex. The pricing is as follows: What are the additional benefits? Along with unlimited travel on trains, boats, and buses in Switzerland, both Swiss Travel Pass options come with the following benefits: 50% discount on most mountain railways and cable cars; Free admission to more than 500 museums

Berner Oberland Pass: Covers the entire Bern–Interlaken–Luzern area — but costs almost as much as a full Swiss Travel Pass. The highest mountain lifts are either 50 percent off during the validity of the pass, or have special prices (for example, the Mürren–Schilthorn cable car is 50 percent off, and the Kleine Scheidegg–Jungfraujoch ...

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