How much is ethiopian opal worth per carat?

Anissa Bruen asked a question: How much is ethiopian opal worth per carat?
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The price per carat of Ethiopian opal ranges from 10-250 per carat based on the intensity, variety and patterns of color.


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❔ How much is ethiopian opal worth?

The price per carat of Ethiopian opal ranges from 10-250 per carat based on the intensity, variety and patterns of color.

❔ What is ethiopian opal worth?

ETHIOPIAN OPAL VS AUSTRALIAN OPAL Customers may ask why one opal costs thousands of pounds, while another is mere hundreds or less. The answer could lie in its origin. Australia is a phenomenal source of opals and produces some of the world’s most incredible specimens.

❔ Ethiopian opal what is?

  • Ethiopian opal, also called Welo opal, is a unique, diverse and fiery opal mined from the foothills of Ethiopia. Thirty years ago, the only source of opal was Australia. Yet in the mid-90s things changed and the market opened up to a new opal supplier.

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Opal with Fire (Transparent) - Ethiopian. White with Transparency / Good Play-of-Colour Effect. $20.85 per carat.

Price of Ethiopian Opal Per Carat Considering the factors we discussed earlier about opal value (play of color, pattern, intensity, brilliance, and origin), how much do these gemstones cost? Ultimately, the price range varies dramatically as no two gems are the same. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from 10 to 250 per carat.

Ethiopian Opal Price Per Carat? The price per carat of Ethiopian opal ranges from 10-250 per carat based on the intensity, variety and patterns of color. Top quality gems will have color over the entire surface free of visible inclusions on the top surface of the opal.

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Opal is famed for its play of color or opalescence. Until recently, Australia was the main supplier of high quality opal. But recent finds of high quality opal in Ethiopia are transforming the opal business. How much is precious opal worth? The value of natural opal varies depending on size, quality and color.

Opal (Australia): average retail prices, Aug 2021 Opal is a stone that comes in a variety of colors and types, and exhibits a wide range of patterns. Common opal is typically opaque and rarely cut as gemstone; precious opal, however, most of which comes from Australia, displays a property called "play-of-color", where flashes of different colors can be observed when the opal is held under light.

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Can you tumble ethiopian opal?

Some opal also suffers from "crazing"… These will cushion the opal in a tumbler. Don't tumble large pieces of any other type of rough because big pieces in the barrel produce hard impacts that can chip, crack or break your opal.

Does ethiopian opal turn yellow?

Sometimes Ethiopian opals can turn yellow or brown and lose their fire. This would probably happen because the stone has been allowed to absorb water, which temporarily affects its color and fire. Once the stone is dewatered, it should return to its normal state.

Ethiopian opal find from where?

Where Can You Find Welo Opal? Ethiopia. The first released Ethiopian gem study with the finding of valuable opal in the district of Menz Gishe, North Shewa Province, was released in 1994. The opal, found mainly in the shape of nodules, was of volcanic origin and was discovered mainly in weathered rhyolite strata.

How old is ethiopian opal?

While the Ethiopian opal boom seems relatively new, archeology shows that opals may have played a part in East African trade as early as 4000 B.C. A 1939 discovery by archeologist Louis Leakey places opals in the hands of humans in Kenya nearly 6000 years before contemporary Ethiopian opal discoveries.

How rare is ethiopian opal?

Ethiopian Opals Are Rare

Ethiopia, on the other hand, has only a fraction of Australia's supply. And while these gemstones are rarer than Australian opals, they are surprisingly less expensive.

How to clean ethiopian opal?
  • After every wear, the best cleaning method for Ethiopian opal jewelry is to use a clean, soft, dry microfiber cloth to gently remove fingerprints, dirt, residue, and oils. Short-term contact with plain water does not seem to harm gem quality Ethiopian opals .
How to cut ethiopian opal?

The sugar/acid treatment is done by soaking opal for a few days in a warm solution of sugar water, then submerging the opal in concentrated sulfuric acid. The acid melts the sugar in the pore spaces of the opal, producing dark-colored carbon particles and stains. This imparts or darkens a gray, black, or brown color in the opal.

Is all ethiopian opal hydrophane?

All are Hydrophane. Welo has 2 types of opal and as you've been reading, most is “Hydrophane”, soaks up large amounts of water and dries out large amounts of water. and “Non Hydrophane” which acts very similar to Australian Opal and cuts the same.

Is ethiopian opal good quality?

Ethiopian Opal is a new variety of opal discovered in Wollo province of Ethiopia. It is highly valued for its vibrant body hues, bold color flashes and patterns. These opals are superior in terms of quality but are relatively cheaper than the other popular origin varieties such as Australian Opals.

What is black ethiopian opal?

The sable Ethiopian opal is an enhanced black opal characterized by its intense colors and high clarity against a black background. The opal is smoked a technique used exclusively on opal. The gem is wrapped in brown paper and charred creating a thin dark brown coating that intensifies the fire or play-of-color.

What is ethiopian fire opal?

What is Ethiopian Hydrophane Opal? Ethiopian Hydrophane Opal refers to the opal variety that absorbs the water. The absorbed water content changes their body color from opaque to colorless. However, these opals retain their color once they get dried, naturally.

What is ethiopian hydrophane opal?

Ethiopian opal is hydrophane which prevents crazing which in Australian is caused by drying out of the water content which creates hairline cracks. Ethiopian opal is more available and generally has a wider variety of color especially reds. Ethiopian Prices are lower and the sizes are much larger than Australian.

Where is ethiopian opal found?

A Short History of Ethiopian Opal Precious opal mined in Ethiopia began entering the gem and jewelry market in 1994. This opal originated from a discovery made in the Menz Gishe District in the northern part of the Shewa Province. Opal from this area occurs in a wide range of body colors.

Why is ethiopian opal cheap?
  • Ethiopian opals are cheaper than Australian opals mainly because they are attempting to thrive in a competitive market. They remain a customer favorite and it’s easy to see why: they dazzle, sparkle, and mesmerize for a good price. Who can resist that?
What is the difference between opal and ethiopian opal?

Whereas Australian opal is mined from deep beneath the ground, Ethiopian opal grows in large volcanic deposits high up in the hills… The most notable variance of Ethiopian opal is that it is hydrophane, which means that when the opal is immersed into water, its colors, transparency, light and even size alters.

Why is australian opal more expensive than ethiopian opal?

But, due to those simple economy laws, Australian opal still is the most expensive opal, even to this day. Quite the opposite of the Ethiopian opal, the Australian opal is being found deeper in the ground, meaning it contains more water than the Ethiopian and it is not hydrophane.

What is the difference between ethiopian opal and australian opal?

Australian Opal gemstone comes in very white base color without fire called “White Opal” and in white base color with play of color on it called “Fire Opal“. Ethiopian Opal also comes in Fire. Australian Opals generally comes in translucent and Opaque in nature while Ethiopian Opal comes only in translucent in nature.

Can you get ethiopian opal wet?

Ethiopian Opal Jewelry Care:

If your Ethiopian Opal gets wet, don't worry. The color and transparency will change temporarily however it will revert to its original color as it dries over a few days.

How do you clean ethiopian opal?

Also never clean your opal jewelry by soaking it in a bowl of water with soap or house cleaners or by placing them in an ultrasonic cleaner or steamer! Remember, Ethiopian opals do not like water! Instead, clean your opal jewelry with a dry and clean soft cloth to gently remove dirt and buildup.

How to clean ethiopian crystal opal?

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