How long to travel 500 light years with ion propulsion?

Yasmeen White asked a question: How long to travel 500 light years with ion propulsion?
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More feasible to use an Ion Propulsion Engine to travel 500 light-years at the speed of _430.


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Bottom line: At 4.3 light-years away, the Alpha Centauri system is the nearest star system to our Earth and sun, but getting there would be extremely difficult.

It is about 4.24 light years away as a frame of reference. Current Methods of Space Travel. Ionic Propulsion. Ionic Propulsion has been developed to move unmanned space probes across the universe at faster speeds.

An ion thruster, ion drive, or ion engine is a form of electric propulsion used for spacecraft propulsion.It creates thrust by accelerating ions using electricity.. An ion thruster ionizes a neutral gas by extracting some electrons out of atoms, creating a cloud of positive ions.These ion thrusters rely mainly on electrostatics as ions are accelerated by the Coulomb force along an electric field.

Ion propulsion rockets can heat a plasma or charged gas inside a magnetic bottle and release it via a magnetic nozzle, so that no solid matter need come in contact with the plasma. Of course, the machinery to do this is complex, but research into nuclear fusion has developed methods, some of which have been proposed to be used in propulsion systems, and some have been tested in a lab.

ion thrusters, is employed (earlier studies used The 1 GW (1,000 MW) electrical power, derived from a mercury systems). The maximum thrust duration of 2.5 GW thermal system with an energy conversion the propulsion system is assumed to be 10 years, efficiency of 405, was fuelled with U2 ' using fuel

This would be able to reach a top speed of around 500,000mph in space Conventional propulsion would be required to reach orbit before the fusion reactor takes over in long-duration space travel

If a ship is using 1 g constant acceleration, it will appear to get near the speed of light in about a year, and have traveled about half a light year in distance. For the middle of the journey the ship's speed will be roughly the speed of light, and it will slow down again to zero over a year at the end of the journey.

Successive assists at α Cen A and B could allow travel times to 75 yr to both stars. Lightsail has a nominal mass-to-surface ratio (σ nom) of 8.6×10 −4 gram m −2 for a nominal graphene-class sail. Area of the Lightsail, about 10 5 m 2 = (316 m) 2; Velocity up to 37,300 km s −1 (12.5% c). Ref: Projects operating or completed

This journey to Mars with nuclear propulsion and a steady acceleration would take six weeks, instead of eight months by using chemical propulsion – assuming thrust of 300 times higher than that of chemical propulsion. Terrestrial vehicles Cars

According to wikipedia, interstellar travel at 1G would take approximately 1 year + the distance in lightyears. Proxima Centauri (4.2 light years) for example would take 5.2 years. But that time is from the viewpoint of stationary observers at the departure point.

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