How long does it take for a hotel to return your deposit?

Imogene Corkery asked a question: How long does it take for a hotel to return your deposit?
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Once you check out, the hotel will put the funds back in your account, but it always takes banks a few days—or sometimes as long as a week—to get that money back to you.


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According to the hotel’s cancellation policy, I am entitled to a refund of my deposit less a $50 fee. The hotel said it would take 30 days to process the refund. There is nothing in the hotel’s cancellation policy about it taking that long to issue a refund.

Like other answers have mentioned, it can take anywhere from a day to a month, or even longer depending on the hotel and the card used. As you can see, a range of issues can arise — Pay attention to your credit card when using hotels!

But I had to cancel my plans so 6 days prior to my stay I called the hotel to cancel and to get my refund and so far nothing has showed up on my Mastercard. Usually things show up in two days time. I'll wait and see by tomorrow. Sounded like whoever I talked to on the phone is inexperienced. over a year ago.

A hotel has 3 business days before they have to release any pending charges. If it truly is a concern, like you need to use your money now...or it is a debit the hotel directly ask to speak to a manager and politely explain your situation of needing your funds. More than likely he can have them released by end of day.

The deposit is repaid the day you return the scooter and if there is no reason for the lessor, as stipulated in Cooltra General Conditions, to deduct any part of it. Kind regards, Team Cooltra

Ask if you can make a cash deposit for incidentals or damages, which you'll receive back when you check out. If the hotel accepts this, have them place the cash in an envelope before you leave the ...

Once you check out, the hotel will put the funds back in your account, but it always takes banks a few days—or sometimes as long as a week—to get that money back to you. So if you must use a debit card, do so only if you have enough funds to cover your hotel stay, the deposits, and your general living expenses for a week after you leave the hotel.

In Hawaii, property owners have 14 days to notify tenants if they will keep part or all of the security deposit. If you have not received your deposit by the end of those 14 days, notify the ...

A credit card hold should be removed within 24 hours after you check out. A credit card hold won’t affect your credit utilization. The final charge will. If your trip requires that you stay at multiple hotels, and you’re worried that holds will tie up too much of your available credit, talk to management when you book your room or check in.

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