How fast does the sound of thunder travel?

Aryanna Kunze asked a question: How fast does the sound of thunder travel?
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  • The return stroke (the current that cause the visible flash) moves upward at a speed of about 320,000,000 ft per second or about 220,000,000 miles per hour (about 1/3 the speed of light). In comparison, the sound of thunder travels at about 1100 ft per second or about 750 miles per hour.

How long does it take for Thunder to roll in?

  • If it takes 10 seconds for the thunder to roll in, the lightning struck about 2 miles or 3 kilometers away. For more information on lightning and related topics, check out the links on the next page. What causes thunder during lightning? Thunder is basically the expansion of air that surrounds the lightning bolt’s path.


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As you know the speed of sound is approximately 1,087 feet per second. When you see the thunder strike, count the time (in seconds) for which it lasts. For example, if the lightning struck for about 5 seconds, divide 1,087 by 5 to calculate the distance. Thus, you’ll get that the lightning struck around 217 feet away.

The sound of thunder travels aproximately 340.33 meters a

Intense rain or snowfall can cut that distance to just a few miles. Sound travels faster in warm air, so when a temperature inversion is present, with warmer air above the cooler surface, if there...

Since you see lightning immediately and it takes the sound of thunder about 5 seconds to travel a mile, you can calculate the distance between you and the lightning.

Thunder travels much slower, at the speed of sound, about 1088 feet per second. It takes sound about 5 seconds to travel one mile. You can observe this for yourself. Go outside and watch as a jet flies overhead.

Thunder travels at the speed of sound and has a value of about 340 meters per second. The speed of sound in air at sea level moves about 1 mile every 5 seconds. Thus, when you see the lightning count the seconds and divide by 5 to get the approximate distance that the sound of thunder originates from.

It typically takes the sound of thunder 5 seconds to travel a mile. So, by counting the number of seconds it takes between the flash of lightning and the sound of thunder, you can determine how far you are from the lightning strike.

travels at 186,282 meters per second (670,616,629 mph), so in theory, nothing moves faster than the speed of light. The speed of sound is commonly stated as the speed of sound waves through dry air, which is about 343.2 meters per second (768 mph) in air at a temperature near

Thunder will always be heard after the lightning strike is seen owing to the fact that light travels significantly faster than sound. Both the lightning and thunder clap are generated...

At 0 °C (32 °F), the speed-of-sound is 1,192 km/h, 741 mph. The speed of sound in an ideal gas depends only on its temperature and composition. The speed has a weak dependence on frequency and pressure in ordinary air, deviating slightly from ideal behavior. In colloquial speech, speed of sound refers to the speed of sound waves in air.

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