How fast do tsunamis travel in open ocean?

Ana Schmeler asked a question: How fast do tsunamis travel in open ocean?
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How fast do tsunamis travel in the ocean?

  • Tsunamis can travel thousands of miles across the open ocean, where they are difficult to see, rarely reaching more than 3 feet in height. Tsunamis often exceed 100 miles in length in the deep ocean, where they can travel as fast as 500 miles per hour, crossing the entire Pacific Ocean in less than 24 hours.


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Once generated, a tsunami wave in the open ocean can travel with speeds greater than 800 kilometres an hour (500 miles an hour). These waves can travel across the Pacific Ocean in less than one day. Locally generated

How fast do tsunami waves travel across the open ocean? about 20 km/h about 100 km/h up to 300 km/h

Because the wavelengths are so long, the waves travel at very high speeds, around 600 miles per hour, in the deep ocean. This is the speed at which a commercial jet plane travels! However, the wave height (the height from the base of the wave at the water line to the top of the wave) is very small, maybe a few feet tall.

How do tsunamis travel so fast? A: Tsunamis travel fast because they have a very long wavelength compared to wind-driven water waves. Tsunamis originate when the entire column of water above the seafloor is uplifted or dropped down. Unlike wind waves, they are driven by gravity. YouTube.

Since the average depth of the Pacific ocean is 4000 m (14,000 feet) , tsunami wave speed will average about 200 m/s or over 700 km/h (500 mph). At such high speeds, a tsunami generated in Aleutian Islands may reach Hawaii in less than four and a half hours.

In the deep ocean, a tsunami can move as fast as a jet plane, over 500 mph, and its wavelength, the distance from crest to crest, may be hundreds of miles. Mariners at sea will not normally notice a tsunami as it passes beneath them; in deep water, the top of the wave rarely reaches more than three feet higher than the ocean swell.

The speed of a tsunami depends on the depth of the water it is traveling through. The deeper the water, the faster the tsunami. In the deep ocean, tsunamis can move as fast as a jet plane, over 500 mph (800 km/h), and can cross entire oceans in less than a day. The distance between waves is the wavelength.

• When the ocean is deep tsunamis can travel unnoticed on the surface at speeds up to 500 miles per hour (800 kilometers per hour), crossing the entire ocean in a day or less.

Since the average depth of the Pacific ocean is 4000 m (14,000 feet), tsunami wave speed will average about 200 m/s or over 700 km/hr (500 mph). At such high speeds, a tsunami generated in Aleutian Islands may reach Hawaii in less than four and a half hours.

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