How fast do p waves travel?

Nola Flatley asked a question: How fast do p waves travel?
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P-waves are the first waves to arrive on a complete record of ground shaking because they travel the fastest (their name derives from this fact - P is an abbreviation for primary, first wave to arrive). They typically travel at speeds between ~1 and ~14 km/sec.


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P waves travel about 1 to 5 miles per second. It depends on what they are traveling thru. They will travel thru solids, liquids, and gasses.

P-waves and S-waves are body waves that propagate through the planet. P-waves travel 60% faster than S-waves on average because the interior of the Earth does not react the same way to both of them. P-waves are compression waves that apply a force in the direction of propagation. As the interior of the Earth is almost incompressible, P-waves transmit their energy quite easily

It really depends on the swell period. Swells travel at a speed of 1.5 times the swell period. So a 20 second swell will arrive on the coast about 13 hours later, while a swell with a 12 second ...

As a rule of thumb: Multiply the time between the two jolts by 5 and you get the distance to the focus in miles. Figure 3. Looking at a seismogram of the Alamo earthquake (Fig. 3) the time difference between the arrivals of P- and S- waves is 3.5 seconds.

P waves travel at speeds between 1 and 14 km per second, while S waves travel significantly slower, between 1 and 8 km per second. The S waves are the second wave to reach a seismic station measuring a disturbance. The difference in arrival times helps geologists determine the location of the earthquake. READ: How long should a conversation last?

In addition, different materials have different seismic properties, meaning that any one wave type can have a wide range of velocities, depending on the material properties. For instance, the p-wave velocity of shale can range from 800-3,700 m/s. Granite can range from 4,800-6,700 m/s.

Typical values for P wave velocity in earthquakes are in the range 5 to 8 km/s. The precise speed varies according to the region of the Earth's interior, from less than 6 km/s in the Earth's crust to 13.5 km/s in the lower mantle, and 11 km/s through the inner core.

A P wave is a longitudinal wave and travels the fastest. It can travel through solids and liquids. An S wave is a transverse wave and travels slower than a P wave, thus arriving after the P wave.

The speed at which P-waves travel through material is determined by: rigidity—how strongly the material resists being bent sideways and is able to straighten itself out once the shearing... compressibility—how much the material can be compressed into a smaller volume and then recover its previous ...

How fast do P waves travel through granite? A. 4 kilometers per second B. 6 kilometers per second C. 8 kilometers per second D. 12 kilometers per second

In air, they take the form of sound waves, hence they travel at the speed of sound. Typical speeds are 330 m/s in air, 1450 m/s in water and about 5000 m/s in granite.

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