How far can a bullet travel and still kill?

Luther Ebert asked a question: How far can a bullet travel and still kill?
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45 caliber bullet can go about 5,000 ft. in distance with the same factors involved," Robbie Paskiewicz said. A 9 mm bullet can travel even farther because it's smaller. "A 9 mm can travel 2.5 to 3 miles, sometimes a little further depending on the shape of the bullet," he said.


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. 22 Long Rifle

Bullet mass/typeVelocityEnergy
40 gr (2.6 g) solid1,200 ft/s (370 m/s)131 ft⋅lbf (178 J)
38 gr (2.5 g) copper-plated HP1,260 ft/s (380 m/s)134 ft⋅lbf (182 J)
32 gr (2.1 g) copper-plated HP1,430 ft/s (440 m/s)141 ft⋅lbf (191 J)
31 gr (2.0 g) copper-plated RN1,750 ft/s (530 m/s)204 ft⋅lbf (277 J)

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The bullet will lose speed depending on the bullet weight, ballistic coefficient, and those kinds of factors. If we assume that the bullet doesn’t lose velocity, then the bullet will travel for 0.56 seconds at a speed of 1200 feet per second. That means that the bullet will travel about 670 feet.

The general consensus is that a bullet fired straight up—at precisely 90 degrees to the horizontal—is unlikely to kill a healthy adult when it returns to Earth.

Although a .50 caliber sniper rifle bullet can fly as far as five miles, a host of factors including gravity, wind speed and direction, altitude, barometric pressure, humidity and even the ...

How far will a .22 LR Kill? - YouTube.

If I had to guess, I would say that a firing angle of 45 degrees could be considered by some as still "shooting in the air". Also, the lower the angle the larger horizontal distance the bullet ...

It's no surprise that bullets fired towards a target can easily destroy whatever they run into: a bullet from an AK-47 leaves the rifle traveling at over 1,500 miles per hour (670 meters per ...

Tests show that while it travels at 1,154 feet per second at 500 yards, slower than the .223 at that distance, the AK’s bullet can deliver 370 foot-pounds of force, more than the AR. That’s because the 7.62 is almost twice as massive as a .223.

You're not going to have time to react. Because a bullet can travel at speeds exceeding 3200 feet per second, which is too fast to duck or yell or plead. Hang in there.

That said, it’s absolutely possible to survive being shot if the bullet happens to miss all of your vital areas. It’s even possible if you’re shot many times at once —just ask rapper 50 ...

The bullet only does damage because it is made of a heavy, dense substance. This dense, heavy object easily keeps its momentum as it flies through the air, and can tunnel into human flesh.

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How long does it take a bullet to travel 500 feet?
  • If you reacted to the sound of the gun going off and required 0.20 seconds (twice that of the fastest Olympic sprinters) to react, then you would need to be at least 500 feet away to successfully dodge a bullet. The problem is that sound travels at 768 miles per hour (1,126 feet per second) about half the speed of the bullet.
How long does it take a bullet to travel a mile?
  • That’s just basic arithmetic. 5280 (feet in a mile) divided by 2600 (feet per second) equals 2.0307 seconds (at least). Then add just a few milliseconds because the bullet does slow down just a bit. Can you dodge a bullet?
How long does it take for a bullet to travel a mile?

That's just basic arithmetic. 5280 (feet in a mile) divided by 2600 (feet per second) equals 2.0307 seconds (at least). Then add just a few milliseconds because the bullet does slow down just a bit.

How many feet per second does a 45 caliber bullet travel?
  • Currently, the .45 ACP round issued in the Military and other law enforcement agencies for the M1A11A1pistol is a 230-grain bullet that travels at 830 feet per second and operates at a chamber pressure of 21,000 psi.
How many feet per second does an ar-15 bullet travel?

The 9mm handgun is generally regarded as an effective weapon; its bullet travels at 1,200 feet per second and delivers a kinetic energy of 400 foot pounds. By comparison, the standard AR-15 bullet travels at 3,251 feet per second and delivers 1300 foot pounds.

What is the fastest a bullet will travel?
  • The bullet with credit for being fastest is the Winchester .223 Super Short Magnum; it's reached observed velocities of about 1220 m/sec, 4000 feet/second or 2,700 mph (4400 km/h).