How easy to get married in scotland?

Murl Watsica asked a question: How easy to get married in scotland?
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The good news is that people from all over the world, of all faiths and sexualities can easily be married anywhere in Scotland. In Scotland it is possible to have both a legal and non-legal ceremony to symbolise your marriage to one another.


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  • As readers will know, huts were included in Scottish Planning Policy in 2014 – and two years later, there followed a public consultation on huts in relation to building regulations.

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  • The main route to Barra is by CalMac ferry from Oban, on the mainland. The crossing takes 4 hours 45 minutes. You can also get a ferry to Barra from the island of Eriskay which takes 40 minutes.

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  • The main route to Barra is by CalMac ferry from Oban, on the mainland. The crossing takes 4 hours 45 minutes. You can also get a ferry to Barra from the island of Eriskay which takes 40 minutes. Vehicle reservations are recommended.

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  • Driving is on the left in Scotland - most of the time it is easy. Just remember it when crossing people on a single lane road! There are many roundabouts, especially in the South. Don't worry, the curve is natural and you won't go against the flow.

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  • Sometimes it may seem impossible to get married anywhere in Scotland, let alone Edinburgh’s city centre or Old Town without dipping into the life savings. So let’s have a look at some options to get you thinking.

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