How does warp travel change time warhammer 40k?

Eva Turner asked a question: How does warp travel change time warhammer 40k?
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Time passes at very variable rates between both realities. Only once a ship jumps out of the warp can it learn how long its journey has taken in real time. Generally, however, one day in the warp relates to twelve days real time.


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Anyone who travels aboard an starship that travels through the Warp could be a time traveler. The tides of Warp are forever in Flux, there are stories of guardsmen and navy crews who left on their journey and exited the warp days to even centuries after they began their trip in real space time. some also arrive before they even left although that creates a paradox however the warp is a paradox.

The Warp-Drive allows a starship to enter the Warp and travel its currents until reemerging into realspace tens, hundreds or even thousands of Terran light years away from the starting point. This takes a Warp-capable starship only a relatively short period of time compared to moving across that distance in realspace.

Continue this thread. level 1. 40K. Scareynerd. 6 years ago. Roughly speaking, a day travelled in the Warp is equivalent to 12 days travel in the Materium. However, it is entirely dependent on how direct and fast a Warp current you're taking, the skill of your Navigator, the Warp entities in that area, etc. 2.

Spacecraft, capable of voyaging thousands of light-years in a matter of days, travel across the Warp. By such fragile means, humanity is bound together in a single Imperium. The Emperor's will may be mighty, but his reach is long only because Warpspace may be crossed by his fleets. A spaceship may enter the Warp through the use of Warp drives. This is the means by which spacecraft effectively travel faster than the speed of light.

To add further unpredictability, there are drastic time differences between the warp and real space. Time passes at very variable rates between both realities. Only once a ship jumps out of the warp can it learn how long its journey has taken in real time. Generally, however, one day in the warp relates to twelve days real time. Sometimes, ships and fleets within the warp can be caught in time bubbles for hundreds of years.

Have you ever seen the movie Event Horizon? In that movie, a space ship disappears for years, then reappears mysteriously. The ship was designed to create wormholes and travel through vast distances of space. Anyway, they went to hell. And everyon...

Occasionally, the Eldar will use conventional Warp Travel, but only over very short distances and only when absolutely necessary, due to the dangers inherent in the Warp being far greater for a species of psychic beings with their own Chaos God trying to eat them, and due to lacking the significant advantage that Navigators provide.

level 1. jaxolotle. · 2h. The warp doesn’t actually have a scale of space, just like it doesn’t actually have a scale of time. So basically it’s infinite, and asking the distance from point A to point B is a complex and unanswerable philosophical conundrum. 6. level 1. Main_Holiday_253. · 2h.

5. In Warhammer 40k, Nulls or (in more extreme cases) Pariahs are humans whose very presence cuts off access to the Warp. As such, it would seem that they could potentially beat Chaos on its own turf— if they could get there. Are Nulls even capable of entering the Warp? warhammer-40k.

One of the biggest changes for 9th in my opinion is that Hit and Wound modifiers are now capped at -1 and +1 total. Keep in mind this is just the cumulative result though that is capped. Wound Allocation. This was a subtle change from 8th but whilst wound allocation is still players choice there is a small change.

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