How does sound travel faster through iron than air?

Myriam Runolfsson asked a question: How does sound travel faster through iron than air?
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  • Answer: Sound waves travel through liquids and solids much quicker than air. For example, sound waves travel 4 1/2 times faster in water, or approximately 1 mile per second. In a solid like iron, sound waves travel 15 times as fast, or 3 miles per second.


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Sound travels faster through iron because iron is more dense than air, which means the particles in iron are bunched closer together. When a sound occurs, the vibrations bounce against the...

The speed of sound depends on the density of the medium in which it is travelling and increases when the density increases. For example, in solids sound travels faster than in liquid and even faster than in gas, and the density is highest in solids, lower in liquids and lowest in gas.

Sound needs vibration in order to work so the sound is carried more easily through the air with the more excited molecules than through air with more “still” molecules (cold air). photo credit: Micah Taylor via photopin cc. A good way to think of it is to imagine a line of dominoes. The air molecules are the dominoes.

Sound in waterIn water, the particles are much closer together, and they can quickly transmit vibration energy from one particle to the next. This means that the sound wave travels over four times faster than it would in air, but it takes a lot of energy to start the vibration.

Just as solid objects allow sound to travel faster than less dense ones, the density of gasses affect how quickly sound travels, as well. For example, sound will travel faster in hydrogen than regular air because it is a much denser gas. You’d expect sound to travel faster in colder air than hotter air, because colder air is denser.

In fact, sound waves travel over 17 times faster through steel than through air. Sound waves travel over four times faster in water than it would in air.

Sound travels faster through iron as solids are packed together tighter than liquids and gases.

Sound travels faster through liquids and solids than it does through air and other gases. The table gives some examples. This is because the particles of gases are further apart than liquids and...

Sound travels faster through a steel rod because the particles it’s composed of are much closer together and stable than air. In air, there are many different factors which can affect the speed of sound. Temperature, humidity, movement (like wind and such). This is just a few examples.

However, the speed of sound varies from substance to substance: typically, sound travels most slowly in gases, faster in liquids, and fastest in solids. For example, while sound travels at 343 m/s in air, it travels at 1,481 m/s in water (almost 4.3 times as fast) and at 5,120 m/s in iron (almost 15 times as fast).

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