How do youtubers get to travel?

Lukas Luettgen asked a question: How do youtubers get to travel?
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Video answer: How much do travel youtubers make? (sharing our earnings)

How much do travel youtubers make? (sharing our earnings)

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Can you really make money from YouTube travel channels?

  • It is a joy to see that the dream of traveling the world while making money from videos is now well and truly a career path. I found a unique tool recently called the ‘ YouTube Money Calculator ‘ and thought it would be interesting to work out roughly what the top YouTube travel channels actually earn from YouTube ad revenue.


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Video answer: How much do youtubers make? what we earn on youtube with 20k subs!! vanlife travel channel worth it?

How much do youtubers make? what we earn on youtube with 20k subs!! vanlife travel channel worth it?

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According to Think with Google, travel vlogs, get 4x more social engagement (likes, comments, shares, favourites and subscriptions) than other types of travel content on YouTube. The Google report also states that travel vloggers attract 48% of subscriptions on YouTube , while travel brands get only 19%.

The first step to a successful travel vlog is finding ways to travel, even to places that are close to home. You can visit parks, check out art galleries, take a train to a nearby city or drive to a neighboring state for a weekend

How to travel while working full time? Sick and tired of travel bloggers telling you just to make a travel blog? We're excited to present to you the 2nd vide...

If you aren't able to travel but need a little inspiration, you can simply head over to a travel vlogger's YouTube channel and watch them take on the world. With the ability to live vicariously through these YouTube personalities at the touch of a play button, the joy and magic of world travel becomes widespread.

Living your passion for travel is one thing, but filming yourself doing it daily to weekly for binge watching audiences on YouTube is another! Yet, the list of travel vloggers on YouTube grows as storytelling techniques of its creators evolve to keep you tuned in. From storytelling editing, daily vlogging, cinematic flair, sexy drone shots, and 360 ...

I realised that the best placed to do this in the short term would be South East Asia. It’s beautiful, has a good infrastructure (meaning mostly decent wifi and good hostels), I’d been there before so knew what to expect and most importantly – the cost of living was low.

The first thing step to getting a YouTube sponsorship is to understand what it is sponsors are looking for. 1. An Established Brand Persona. An established brand persona is essential to gaining a YouTube sponsorship. The single most important thing sponsors look for in potential sponsorships is compatibility.

3. Affiliate marketing – Putting links in content and/or video descriptions or offering promotional codes are popular ways YouTubers make money and get paid. Many of these links send users to e-commerce sites where product or services can be purchased.

They do not make money by Travelling, but they make money by Blogging and Vlogging about their Travel experiences. 1. Monetization - Ad Networks like Google AdSense pays Bloggers and Youtubers based on the number of views and few more factors.

You can’t grow a travel channel by talking about traveling from the comfort of your home. You’ll get a few views that way, but you aren’t going to get nearly as many views as you will if you’re posting videos from the places you’re actually talking about. Be consistent. The more videos the better. Quality is important of course.

Opportunities for More Social Income. More opportunities for people to make money is by being sponsored by cruise lines, hotels, and a lot of Amazon items. We get so many offers through our email for people wanting us to make a sponsored video for their business or product.

There are many YouTube marketplaces that tend to connect YouTubers with brands and companies and play a third party role to secure the all the formalities. One of such major YouTube-Brands marketplace is You can get a secure and comprehensive guide by them on your next move after you have contacted a sponsor.

I found a unique tool recently called the ‘YouTube Money Calculator‘ and thought it would be interesting to work out roughly what the top YouTube travel channels actually earn from YouTube ad revenue. To do this I set a medium CPM of $1.90 — $2.00 USD. Of course, CPM’s will be higher at particular times of the year, but data shows CPM rates are not increasing.

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They get promotion, and most importantly, you get paid. Deals can range from free giveaways, to all-expenses-paid trips, to $100, to $10,000. What matters is how large, and how engaged your audience is.

Block the video, territory by territory, or globally. In all cases, a Content ID claim against your video will stop you from monetising it, whether or not the copyright owner decides to do so. If the copyright owner chooses to block the video globally, this can lead to restrictions on your account.

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Video answer: Why most travel youtubers lie (and how you can do it too)

Why most travel youtubers lie (and how you can do it too) Who are the most famous travel youtubers?
  • With over 700 vlogs uploaded and over a million Youtube subscribers these travel youtubers have really hit the big time! Fun-loving American couple Kara and Nate, originally from Nashville Tennessee, have spent the last four years travelling to over 100 countries on all seven continents.

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