How did joel and ellie travel so far?

Vergie Torp asked a question: How did joel and ellie travel so far?
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❔ How long did ellie and joel travel?

The beginning was Texas -- then 20 years later when we find Joel again, he's in Boston, MA. The map just shows Joel and Ellie's journey. It doesn't include the beginning. Honestly, that is a bit of semantics.

❔ Have gun will travel ellie?

Ella West: Directed by Andrew V. McLaglen. With Richard Boone, Norma Crane, William Swan, Earle Hodgins. Paladin suspects his services may be wasted when he is hired to rein in a fiery female performer's violent, unladylike demeanor.

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Ellie McDoodle: Have Pen, Will Travel Ruth McNally Barshaw Bloomsbury USA, 2007 Summary: When Ellie’s parents unexpectedly go out of town, they leave her in the care of her aunt and uncle. Ellie is less than excited about this prospect, and is even less excited when she learns that she is going to be dragged on her aunt and uncle’s family camping trip with her four cousins.

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So they walked from Pittsburgh (where they lost the truck) to Jackson Wy (Callus!)? 1,750 mi, 572 hours. Holy crap. That's a lot of walking. Scary walking with all the infected and hunters. I wonder if it would have been worth it to rehab a couple of bikes. Although after 20 years I guess the highways would have been a bit too fecked up to ride on.

Take a look at Joe and Ellie’s story so far and remember to follow their journey… Joe and Ellie's photo album seems to be filling up - wait is that Joe propo...

Joel, Tess, and Marlene reach a safe house, where the two agree to smuggle Ellie out of Boston. Joel, Tess, and Ellie evade the military and reach ruined downtown Boston. Tess is infected, then killed by soldiers. Joel and Ellie head to Lincoln to retrieve a car from Bill. Joel and Ellie reach Pittsburgh and meet up with Henry and Sam.

"If somehow the Lord gave me a second chance at that moment, I would do it all over again."Fandom : The Last of Us, The Last of Us Part IICharacters: Ellie W...

By the end of The Last of Us Joel knows how dedicated Ellie is to her mission, despite feeling conflicted. It's likely that he thinks Ellie would go right back to the Fireflies if he told her the truth; that she actually is the only one that can create a cure. This is why he tells Ellie that they found others that are immune and even then couldn't create a cure, so she doesn't feel guilty over ...

Did Joel lie to Ellie? Yes, Joel lies to Ellie. This is made clear by the flashbacks that you see while he is telling her the story when she wakes up in the car. He says that the Fireflies have found many people who are immune to the fungus and that they have stopped looking for a cure.

Joel effectively trains Ellie into a killing machine just like him, and by winter, Ellie is able to systematically slaughter an entire group of armed men in quite the brutal fashion.

In the original The Last of Us, the entire game is about Joel and Ellie getting from Point A to Point B. The game showed the trials and tribulations of journeying through a post-apocalyptic America. But when Dina and Ellie went from Jackson County to Seattle, and even when Tommy and Jesse made the same trip, the game just simply glossed over it.

After the events in Salt Lake City, Joel and Ellie return home to Jackson, driving most of the way until they reach a collapsed section of the road overlooking the town. They walk through the woods to the overlook, and the two stop. Ellie confesses her survivor's guilt to Joel, who consoles her, saying that surviving is a struggle, but they have to keep "finding something to fight for."

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