How big does a male ethiopian wolf get?

Prince Crona asked a question: How big does a male ethiopian wolf get?
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  • The male ethiopian wolves are significantly larger than the females, with the males weighing from 33 – 42 pounds (15 – 19 kilograms) and females weighing from 24 – 31 pounds (11.2 – 14.15 kilograms). Their legs are comparatively long. Their body colour is an overall reddish brown with white undersides, legs and markings on the face.


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❔ How big is a ethiopian wolf?

Chasing The Big World Tuesday, July 22, 2014. ethiopian wolf the ethiopian wolf is a wolf that lives in the ethiopian highlands. it is about the same size as a coyote (or prairie wolf). it has a very long and narrow skull and red and white fur. they live in seven isolated mountain ranges at 3,000- 4,500 meters. there are an estimated 360- 440 living in the ethiopian highlands making them criticly endangered! other names for it include the abyssinian wolf, simian fox, ethiopian jackal, red ...

❔ How big is an ethiopian wolf compared to a coyote?

  • The Ethiopian wolf is similar in size and build to North America's coyote; it is larger than the golden, black-backed, and side-striped jackals, and has comparatively longer legs.

❔ How big is the ethiopian wolf protected area?

  • This area sits next to an adjacent protected area, and together the two sites will safeguard approximately 20,000 acres. This landscape will secure habitat for Endangered Ethiopian Wolves, as well as Geladas (baboons), African Wolves and other endemic and threatened wildlife in desperate need of protection. Photo: The Endangered Ethiopian Wolf.

❔ How does ethiopian wolf help the environment?

Ethiopian wolves live together, but hunt alone. Unlike other wolf species, these wolves are solitary hunters. Their diet consists mainly of the giant mole rats and common grass rats that are abundant in their habitat. On the rare occasion, they will hunt cooperatively to bring down young antelopes, lambs, and hares.

❔ How is the ethiopian wolf endangered?

Among the key species we focus on is one of the world’s rarest canids, the Ethiopian wolf. Also known as the Simien fox or Simien jackal, this highland wolf numbers no more than 440, and perhaps as few as 360, making it Africa’s most endangered carnivore.

❔ How many babies does an ethiopian wolf have?

Israel has protected its wolves since 1954 and has maintained a moderately sized population of 150 through effective enforcement of conservation policies. These wolves have moved into neighboring countries. Approximately 300–600 wolves inhabit the Arabian Peninsula. The wolf also appears to be widespread in Iran.

❔ How old is the ethiopian wolf?

It is the females that leave when they are about two years old so that they can find another to mate in. They are generally accepted into another pack for breeding purposes. This is one of the few species of wolves where other pairs besides the alpha and the beta are allowed to mate.

❔ How tall is a ethiopian wolf?

Adults measure 841–1,012 mm (33.1–39.8 in) in body length, and 530–620 mm (21–24 in) in height. Adult males weigh 14.2–19.3 kg (31–43 lb), while females weigh 11.2–14.15 kg (24.7–31.2 lb).

❔ Is the ethiopian wolf endangered?

Endemic and endangered. With a somewhat regal bearing, the Ethiopian wolf is the size of a coyote and looks like a red fox, sporting a tawny orange or reddish coat, white throat patch, and bushy tail. It has a narrow muzzle, long legs, and pointed ears.

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How big does a Ethiopian wolf get? Here is an overview over the average adult age: A grown Ethiopian wolf (Canis simensis) reaches an average size of 94.1 cm (3′ 2″). When born, they have an average size of 0 cm (0′ 0″). A full ...

LENGTH. 841-1,012 mm. Ethiopian wolves are slender, long-limbed canids. Their coats are reddish, with white marks on their legs, tail, belly, face, and chin. The border between the white and red and fur is quite distinct. On the face are white markings, which include, below the eyes, a characteristic white crescent, and on the cheeks a white spot.

Ethiopian wolf range Synonyms C. crinensis Erlanger and Neumann, 1900 C. semiensis Heuglin, 1862 C. simensis Gray, 1869 C. walgié Heuglin, 1862 C. citernii de Beaux, 1922 The Ethiopian wolf (Canis simensis), also known as the Simien jackal or Simien fox, is a canine native to the Ethiopian Highlands..

The Ethiopian wolf is from the family Canidae (genus: Canis). When reaching adult age, they grow up to 94.1 cm (3′ 2″). When reaching adult age, they grow up to 94.1 cm (3′ 2″). As a reference: An average human weights in at 62 kg (137 lbs) and reaches an average size of 1.65m (5′ 5″).

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Is the ethiopian wolf the only wolf in africa?


The Ethiopian wolf is the world's rarest canid, and a close relative of grey wolves and coyotes that colonised the Horn of Africa through land bridges. Ethiopian wolves are only found on the highlands of Ethiopia and are Africa's most threatened carnivore.

Were does the ethiopian wolf live?

The Ethiopian wolf (Canis simensis), also known as the Simien jackal or Simien fox, is a canine native to the Ethiopian Highlands. In southeastern Ethiopia it is also known as the horse jackal. It is similar to the coyote in size and build, and is distinguished by its long and narrow skull, and its red and white fur.

What eats the ethiopian wolf?

Native to the Ethiopian Highlands, the Ethiopian wolf is the only wolf species to exist in Africa. The Ethiopian wolf is an extremely rare species and is similar to the coyote in size and build. It eats rodents and is the most threatened member of the dog family in the world. The Oromo people of the area and wild dogs hunt the Ethiopian wolf.

Where did the ethiopian wolf get its name?
  • Most likely, the Ethiopian wolf evolved from a grey wolf-like ancestor that crossed to northern Africa from Eurasia as recently as 100,000 years ago (Gottelli et al., 1994), when Afroalpine habitats in Ethiopia covered vast extensions.
Where do ethiopian wolf live?

The Ethiopian Wolf is found in the Afro-alpine regions of Ethiopia and Eritrea, about 10,000 feet (3,000 metres) above sea level. Only about twelve populations, totaling about 450 adults, remain. Ethiopian Wolves tend to live in open moorlands where vegetation is less that 0.25 metres high.

Why is ethiopian wolf endangered?

Ethiopian wolves are threatened by loss of habitat due to high altitude subsistence agriculture and overgrazing by domestic livestock. But most immediately by lethal diseases carried by domestic dogs such as rabies and canine distemper.