Gondar meaning in english?

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(ˈɡɒndɑː ) noun. a city in NW Ethiopia: capital of Ethiopia from the 17th century until 1868. Pop: 191 000 (2005 est)


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❔ Gondar english meaning?

(ˈɡɒndɑː ) noun. a city in NW Ethiopia: capital of Ethiopia from the 17th century until 1868. Pop: 191 000 (2005 est)

❔ What is the english meaning of gondar?

গন্ডার • (gônḑar) rhinoceros.

❔ Gondar meaning?

Meaning and definitions of gondar, translation of gondar in English language with similar and opposite words. Spoken pronunciation of gondar in Gujarati and in English. Tags for the entry "gondar" What gondar means in English, gondar meaning in English, gondar definition, explanation, pronunciations and examples of gondar in English.

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Gondar definition, a city in NW Ethiopia, N of Lake Tana: a former capital. See more.

Gondar definition: a city in NW Ethiopia : capital of Ethiopia from the 17th century until 1868. Pop:... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Define Gondar. Gondar synonyms, Gondar pronunciation, Gondar translation, English dictionary definition of Gondar. also Gon·der A town of northwest Ethiopia on Lake Tana. It was the capital of Ethiopia from 1635 to 1855.

Gondar or Gonder (Amharic: ጎንደር, Gonder or Gondär; formerly ጐንደር, Gʷandar or Gʷender) is a city and woreda in Amhara Region, Ethiopia. Located in the Semien Gondar Zone of the Amhara Region , Gondar is north of Tana Lake on the Lesser Angereb River and southwest of the Simien Mountains , and located 2133 meters above sea level.

Gonder definition: city in NW Ethiopia : former capital : pop. 88,000 | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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Gon·dar. (gŏn′dər, -där′) also Gon·der (-dər) A town of northwest Ethiopia on Lake Tana. It was the capital of Ethiopia from 1635 to 1855. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition.

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Ethiopian epiphany gondar?

Ethiopian government sources have not yet issued official statement regarding the tragic incident during Timkat (Epiphany) celebration in Gonder).It does not seem to be linked to foul play or malicious activity based on information available so far.President Sahlework Zewde and other senior government officials were attending it

Getting around gondar?

Things To Do in Gondar Take the chance to go on a one or two-hour walking tour in the Simien Mountains. You can then break for lunch and use... If you want to enjoy some nice views of the surrounding area, you can visit the village of Woleka, an hour’s walk along... A trip to the Kidame Gebya Market ...

Gondar castle facts?

Gondar served as the capital of Ethiopia from c.1636 to 1855, and today is home to not only Gondar castle (also known as Fasiladas castle), but several other castles, churches, monasteries and royal buildings constructed by Fasiladas’ successors. Atlas & Boots The Castle of Emperor Iyasu.

Gondar city history?
  • The history of Gondar as the capital of Ethiopia really begins In 1636, when Emperor Fasilides ended the tradition by decreeing Gondar to be the Ethiopia's capital and started building a walled enclosure around his castle became the palace compound for half a dozen of different palaces 3 churches and support buildings built of two centuries by his successors.
Gondar ethiopia altitude?
  • Gondar or Gonder (both: gŏn´dər), town (1994 pop. 112,249), capital of Amhara region , NW Ethiopia, at an altitude of c.7,300 ft (2,225 m). It is a regional trade center and a tourist destination. Once Ethiopia's largest city and a center of religion and art, Gondar served as the capital of Ethiopia from c.1635 to 1867.
Gondar ethiopia safety?
  • No country is 100% safe and even the “safe countries” don’t guarantee a risk-free travel experience anymore. The US Embassy had issued a travel warning for Gondar, Ethiopia, but that has been lifted! 2. Don’t avoid an entire country because of violence in one area. African countries contain thousands of different cultures and tribes. One part might be clashing with another, the rest of nation will be unaffected.
Gondar population 2017?

South Gondar; 2,490,815 Population 91.21% 2,271,943 Rural Population 8.79% 218,872 Urban Population 49.67% 1,237,307 Female Population 50.33% 1,253,508 Male Population Districts; Debre Tabor; Dera; Ebenat; Farta; Fogera; Lay Gayint; Libo Kemekem; Mirab Este; Misraq Este; Simada; Tach Gayint

Gondar postal code?
Gondar Postal code Details
Postal Zip Codes4835-551
Post Office NameGondar
Address Level1Braga
Address Level2Santa Cruz
Gondar to shire?

You drive from Gondar, Ethiopia and trip ends at Shire, Ethiopia. Now that you know that the driving distances from Gondar to Shire is 291.1 km, would you like to view a more detailed map ? Well there are a few different ones that you can view which provide a bird's eye view of the terrain on the road map from Gondar to Shire .

Gondar university scholarship?
  • The University of Gondar is providing scholarships for undergraduate and graduate degree programs for students with disabilities and disadvantages through the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program.
Kingdom of gondar?

Gondar previously served as the capital of both the Ethiopian Empire and the subsequent Begemder Province. The city holds the remains of several royal castles, including those in the Fasil Ghebbi UNESCO World Heritage Site for which Gondar has been called the "Camelot of Africa".

Timket in gondar?
  • Timkat, which means "baptism" in Amharic, is the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church's celebration of Epiphany*, which represents the baptism of Jesus Christ in the Jordan River by John the Baptist. The Timkat celebration in Gondar is considered the most colorful, vibrant festival of the year.
Who founded gondar?

Founded by Emperor Fasilides in the 17th century, Gondar has been called the Camelot of Africa because of its castles and fortress-like battlements.

Epiphany in gondar ethiopia?

Epiphany celebration at Orthodox Tewahedo Church. An Ethiopian Tewahedo ceremony at Fasilides' Bath in Gondar, Ethiopia, celebrating Timkat ( Epiphany ). Timket ( Ge'ez: ጥምቀት) is an Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church and Eritrea Orthodox Tewahedo Church celebration of Epiphany.

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Even more advanced: Bounty Hunter uses Shadow Walk, closes in to enemy units. Ping relentlessly, when the initiator of your team initiate, he doesn't attack and run away instead. Someone give this kind of player a medal of cowardice! Never play this kind of Bounty Hunter, because the void of Track means less

Gondar ethiopia area code?

6200: Gonder, Semen Gondar, Amhara | Ethiopia Postal Code ✉️

Gondar ethiopia middle ages?

Gondar o Gonder era la antigua capital imperial de Etiopía y de la provincia histórica de Begemder. Por esta razón la antigua provincia de Begemder es llamada frecuentemente Gondar. Se encuentra situada en la zona de Semien Gondar de la región de Amhara, Gondar está al norte del lago Tana en el río Angereb y al sudoeste de las montañas Simen. Se encuentra a 2.133 metros sobre el nivel del mar. Las coordenadas geográficas son: 12°36′N 37°28′E / 12.600, 37.467 ...

Gondar ethiopia postal code?
  • Gondar has 41 postcode / zip code, located district of Braga, in district of Santa Cruz, in district of Morais. The District of Gondar is Braga. The District of Gondar is Santa Cruz.
Gondar sister city corvallis?

The Corvallis Sister City Association-Gondar (CSCA-G) has elected a Council of Advisors accountable to the CSCA Board of Directors. The work of the Gondar Council of Advisors answers directly to the CSCA Board of Directors. The CSCA-Gondar Council oversees the work and efforts of our members, who have consistently traveled to Gondar since 2006 ...

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View the complete Dota 2 profile for Gondar on Dotabuff

Gondar university email address?

Contact Information

Telephone(+251) 588 119 069 (+251) 913 457 871
Fax(+251) 581 141 233 (+251) 581 141 24 02
E-mail[email protected] [email protected]
Web sitehttp://www.ugondar.edu.et
Gondar university hospital history?

The University of Gondar, until 2003 known as the Gondar College of Medical Sciences, is the oldest medical school in Ethiopia.Established as the Public Health College in 1954, it is located in Gondar, the former capital of Ethiopia.In 2010, the university offered 42 undergraduate and 17 postgraduate programs. As of 2016, the University offers 56 undergraduate and 64 postgraduate.