God of war when do you get fast travel?

Luna Boehm asked a question: God of war when do you get fast travel?
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  • Answer: Fast travel is unlocked a little later on in God of War’s story. Once you reach the story point the tower’s fast travel option will unlock allowing you to quickly travel to any other gateways you’ve discovered. Once you’ve stepped through the gateway, make sure to stay on the straight path.


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They are not dropped on the ground or anything. Just disappear completely.

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  • However, in order to actually unlock the fast travel mechanic you will need to first discover your first Shrine. This is done through the story, so it’s nearly impossible to miss and you will even be rewarded the paraglider at the end.

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  • First, she must traverse and discover campfires, settlements, cauldrons, and tallnecks throughout her travels. These spots will be her points that she can fast travel across the map. As the standard fast travel packs are a one-use item and hard to find, players will likely have to stock up on them in the earlier stages of the game.

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You should also start collecting Fatty Meat, as you'll need 10 Fatty Meat to pick up the Golden Fast Travel Pack. These can be obtained from any wild animal you kill, so just run around killing animals until you acquire enough.

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If you manage to find and snag all of the Fast Travel Boards around the world, then you'll find yourself able to Fast Travel for almost nothing, which is great if you aren't a huge fan of always driving halfway across the map to reach different areas.

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The first Fast Travel option becomes available very early in the God of War story. After you lower the lake, you can head to Tyr’s Temple and Brok will tell you about the Fast Travel points you can unlock. While this helps reduce travel time, it’s only one way.

Fast travel in God of War is worked into the gameplay mechanics and story to help maintain immersion. It is only available through something called Mystic Gateways, and those are only found in...

Answer: Fast travel is unlocked a little later on in God of War’s story. Once you reach the story point the tower’s fast travel option will unlock allowing you to quickly travel to any other...

Starting out in God of War, you’re going to have to hoof it to get where you’re going. There are no easy rides for Kratos and Atreus, and you’re going to have to earn the right to fast travel.

To fast travel in God of War, you have to approach and activate one of the Mystic Gates. The first one you’ll encounter is in Temple of Tyr, and Brok will explain how they work. Then, you choose where you want to go.

You’ll need to work your way through a few hours of God of War’s campaign before unlocking the ability to fast travel. Eventually Brok will give you a small rock which you can use with Mystic ...

God of War fast travel is made possible through Mystic Gateways. In short, the initial Mystic Gateway you unlock only moves you in one direction to one of the other fast travel locations. You can't...

The game does not provide for an immediate use of fast travel at any time - you always have to use a mystic gateway. Fortunately, they have been scattered very densely and practically every location in the game has at least one of them. Next FAQ Kratos - will he die in the game? Prev FAQ Diving - is it in the game?

This requires you to walk all the way to that location or alternatively you can just unlock the fast travel for them in order to reach them easily. God of War can feel like a metroidvania games in ...

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