Ffxiv how to travel to other cities?

Celia Schulist asked a question: Ffxiv how to travel to other cities?
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  • This is Final Fantasy XIV’s fast travel mechanism, the Aetheryte Network. Each major location has an Aetheryte crystal, a massive blue structure usually right in the middle of high traffic areas. You can “attune” to each crystal, which will then make it an available teleport point on your map.


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❔ When can you travel to other cities ffxiv?

Other than Lamina (or w/e its called) you can run between the other 2 at any level. But the 15 quest gives you the free ride and there is really no reason to go before, just isn't worth the time.

❔ How to travel between the starter cities in ffxiv?

  • Once you have arrived in western Thanalan and disembarked the ferry, exit the dock area and follow the Royal Allagan Sunway east to central Thanalan. If you are feeling adventurous, take a slight detour and attune with the aetheryte located in Camp Horizon (13. 29). You won’t regret it! Step 3: South on the Starway.

❔ How did the utopians travel to other cities?

  • If Utopians desire to travel to other cities, the Philarchs or Archphilarchs grant them license. People don’t travel alone, but rather in companies, and they must carry a letter testifying that they have permission to be abroad and that also prescribes the date of their return.

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What do you use to fast travel in ffxiv?
  • Scattered throughout the world of Eorzea are large and small crystals called Aetherytes. These glowing blue objects are what you’ll use to fast travel in FFXIV. Aetherytes act as portals that you can use to travel between the game’s expanses.
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Do you have to have money to fast travel in ffxiv?
  • Teleport does not have a cool down time like Return, so as long as you have money, you can teleport to Aetherytes freely. To fast travel via a city’s Aethernet, you must first attune to at least two Aetherytes in the area.
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