Earth takes 365 days to travel round what?

Eugene Eichmann asked a question: Earth takes 365 days to travel round what?
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the sun

Earth revolves around the sun in 365 days, 5 hours, 59 minutes and 16 seconds. The time a planet takes to revolve around the sun is called a year.


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145,000,000 miles

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❔ How long it takes to travel from earth and moon?

It took merely 8 hours and 35 minutes to reach the surface of the Moon from Earth. PS: This was not a mission was not designed exclusively for moon but it was been taken to Pluto, which was way ahead of the Earth’s natural satellite.

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How long does it take light to travel around Earth seven and a half times? - Quora. And speed of light is constant which is 299 792 458 m / s. Or almost 1 second. So it will take approximately 1 second light to travel seven and half times of earth.

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what is the speed of travel of the earth

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Therefore, the amount of time it would take to get to Jupiter really depends on how fast you are going, the path you take in space, and where the planets are located in their orbits. Travel to Jupiter can be anywhere between just over 13 months to eight years.

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  • The total journey time from Earth to Mars takes between 150-300 days depending on the speed of the launch, the alignment of Earth and Mars, and the length of the journey the spacecraft takes to reach its target. It really just depends on how much fuel you’re willing to burn to get there. More fuel, shorter travel time.
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