Does turkey eat turkey?

Kaia Kunze asked a question: Does turkey eat turkey?
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❔ Does turkey have turkey?

ofcouse Turkey has Turkey! Thats how it got its name... other sights to look it up are

❔ Does turkey have turkey for thanksgiving?

No, they don't eat themselves, that would be weird. Answer yes

❔ Does turkey have turkey in it?

Of course Turkey has turkey in it but name of the Turkey is not came from turkey. It has too many stories. The country turkey come from a tribal group called turkic

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Yes, Turkey only does not eat pork, because of religion. Population of Turkey is %90, so it is hard to find pork over here. The name Turkey is the English version of the country's name. The country is called "turkiye" and the name has nothing to do with the bird. it does not mean turkey. that's only in the English language. so turkey and the Turkish people has no special approach to that particular bird.

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Does turkey bacon expire?

Cooked bacon that has been stored properly also has a shorter shelf life and can generally last around 4–5 days in the refrigerator and up to 1 month in the freezer… Other varieties like pancetta, turkey bacon, and beef bacon all last approximately the same amount of time in the fridge or freezer as regular bacon (1).

Does turkey celebrate easter?

only people who arnt muslim

Does turkey celebrate hanukkah?

as of 2011, there are about 26,000 Jews in Turkey who celebrate Hanukkah.

Does turkey celebrate thanksgiving?

No, Thanksgiving is a North American holiday.

Does turkey contain cholesterol?

Yes, all animal products contain cholesterol

Does turkey give wool?

No, Turkeys have feathers.

Does turkey have bunnys?

Yes, in Turkey they have many wild hares that get up to 3 meters in length. Many are multicolored, though some are known to be straight black. Black as night.

Does turkey have carbohydrates?
  • In general, chicken and turkey meat contains zero carbohydrates. Only if other carbohydrate-containing ingredients are added, does the poultry product contain carbohydrates. As well as being low in carbs, chicken and turkey are also low in fat, except for their fat and skin, which is high in fat especially saturated fat.
Does turkey have deserts?

There is one desert in Turkey, near Karaman in the Anatolia region in southern Turkey.

Does turkey have gluten?

From the Butterball website Nov 2010: Butterball product labels let consumers know whether any of the top eight allergens may be present in the product. For example, a label may read “contains wheat and dairy.” Specifically, gluten is not present naturally in turkey.

Does turkey have iron?
  • A 3-ounce serving of dark turkey meat has just under 2 milligrams of iron, or 10 percent of the DV for iron. Roasted white and dark turkey meat, combined, contains an average of 1.4 milligrams of iron per 3-ounce serving. The portion represents 8 percent of the DV for iron.
Does turkey have saffron?

Saffron is cultured commonly in Safranbolu province in Turkey and annually 30 kg saffron spices are produced in Turkey. Besides, the production of saffron is enlarged to different location at the recent times especially at eastern Taurus Mountains and South eastern part of Turkey.

Does turkey have uber?

Uber has re-launched its service in Turkey with a slight twist - it will work with the same cabbies who were behind a campaign that forced the ride-hailing giant out of the market in 2019… The fight turned nasty after taxi drivers began hunting down Uber drivers to beat them up.

Does turkey need stuffing?

Can I stuff a Turkey with stuffing before grilling it?

  • Pre-cooked and cooled stuffing should not be used for the turkey -- eat this separately. Cook stuffing and immediately place it in your turkey's cavity. Stuff loosely -- about 3/4 cup per pound of turkey. Don’t stuff turkeys that will be grilled, smoked, fried or microwaved.
Does turkey own cyprus?

Cyprus is a presidential republic… In 1974 Cyprus was divided de facto when the Turkish army occupied the northern third of the island. The Turkish Cypriots subsequently declared independence in 1983 as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus but were recognised only by Turkey.

Does turkey speak english?
  • English is widely spoken in touristic cities of Turkey, such as Istanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Antalya, and Muğla. Most educated young people speak English to a certain degree since English lessons are integrated into the Turkish education system. Let’s find out if you can communicate fluently in English with people in Turkey.
What does cold turkey?

Where does the phrase "Cold Turkey" come from?

  • ‘Cold turkey’ is an American expression which originated in the 1920s. It derived from an expressions ‘talking turkey’ and later ‘talking cold turkey’, which meant talking in a straight, no-nonsense sort of way.
What does turkey mean?

A turkey is an animal that could be killed and ate if cooked properly. a turkey is a is a tradition on thanksgiving day with stuffing,potatoes,soup and salad. yummy!Turkey is a type of meat! It can also mean a country.

What does turkey produce?

Olives, olive oil and more things that have to do with olives. HistoryMan32

Does deep-fried turkey taste different from roasted turkey?

The main difference in my opinion is that it's juicier. It's really moist and yummy. Sometimes roasted turkey can feel a little dry and dense. My husband loves to deep fry a turkey. He's from the South though and they would fry butter if they could figure out a way.

Does turkey grant citizenship to people born in turkey?

Yes, if you are/were born in Turkey, you are a Turkish citizen.

Does a turkey eat insects?

Yes, wild turkeys eat seeds, insects and sometimes a frog or lizard.