Does normal travel insurance cover cruises?

Hannah Altenwerth asked a question: Does normal travel insurance cover cruises?
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While some insurers offer cruise insurance as part of their standard travel cover at no extra cost, others will require you to buy a specialist policy that could cost a little more than regular cover. As with all insurance, cruise insurers look at a range of factors in pricing their policies.


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For the most part, normal travel insurance does not cover a cruise holiday as well as specialist cruise cover, if it covers cruises at all (some policies don't). Find out how normal travel insurance falls short when it comes to cruise holidays which have their own set of challenges like being far from a hospital.

Travel insurance for cruises can mean specific policy features or general travel cover that doesn’t exclude cruises. Specific policies should include a daily compensation if you’re confined to your cabin because of illness, missing a port departure, rejoining a cruise after an illness and payout per port you miss if there is a change in your itinerary.

If you’re traveling abroad, which is common for a cruise, you likely have little to no medical coverage without a travel insurance policy. There are travel insurance plans with up to $500,000 in...

You might not be covered by regular medical insurance while cruising. If you’re an American and traveling internationally (which will be the case for most cruises), you may find that most private medical insurance plans in the U.S. won’t cover you.

Insurance expert Andrea Norris says: “Some insurers charge up to 200 percent extra to take into account the huge cost of having to airlift an ill passenger. Some don’t cover cruises at all, while...

Does normal travel insurance cover cruises? Cruises are a great way to see the world, but they’re different to traditional ‘fly and stop’ holidays. Certain things that happen at sea usually aren’t covered by a standard policy, which is what makes Cruise travel insurance a useful add-on if you’re heading out on the open water.

Are cruises covered by regular travel insurance? Cruises aren't covered by standard travel insurance policies. This is because cruises tend to last longer than a normal holiday with some lasting months or even a full calendar year at sea. If you don't buy a cruise insurance policy you won't be covered for any cancellations or mishaps that could occur during your trip.

Trip insurance policies can cover the cruise and any related flights or hotel stays. Travel insurance compensates passengers when unexpected events force them to cancel or delay cruises. For example, a spouse or parent could die shortly before the departure date. Severe weather can prevent vacationers from reaching a port.

'Cruise cover goes beyond normal travel insurance, protecting passengers from incidents such as trip interruption, missed port departures, health assistance services wherever you may be in the...

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