Does discover it have travel accident insurance?

Jamar Ziemann asked a question: Does discover it have travel accident insurance?
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No, there is no Discover card travel insurance. Discover used to offer $500,000 in travel accident insurance and $25,000 in coverage for rental car collision or theft. But they discontinued those benefits for all Discover cards in February 2018.


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Travel insurance explained - why you need it and what to do in a medical emergency

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The Discover travel insurance benefits getting the axe were the following: Flight accident insurance -- The issuer had previously covered its cardholders for up to $50,000 in reimbursement within...

SCHEDULED AIR TRAVEL ACCIDENT INSURANCE. Discover® More Card, Discover® Open RoadSM Card, Miles by Discover® Card (formerly The Miles Card by Discover® Card) and Discover® MotivaSM (formerly Discover® Card with Pay-On-Time BonusSM) Cardmembers are provided with $500,000 Scheduled Air Travel Accident Insurance.*

Discover previously offered two types of travel insurance on select credit cards: Travel accident insurance. Discover would reimburse cardholders up to $50,000 in the event of a covered cardholder’s or dependent’s death due to an accident. Auto rental insurance.

Flight Accident Insurance: While this is one we hope never to need, you get $500,000 in flight accident insurance when you purchase your ticket with the Discover card. Emergency Roadside Assistance: The Discover card offers towing, roadside assistance, and even a locksmith.

Travel. It excites us, helps us de-stress, improves our health, and may even makes us smarter.So, what’s getting in the way of our next trip? For many of us, the answer might be money. The good news: if you have a credit card with travel rewards, you may be able to offset a trip’s priciest expenses with airline miles, hotel discounts, vacation packages, and more.

Essentially, it acts as life insurance and insurance against accidental death and dismemberment in the case of a travel accident. The benefits are paid regardless of whether the traveler has other life insurance and AD&D coverage. Specifically, travel accident insurance plans limit their coverage to the following:

Discover it® cardmember benefits. 1. Freeze it™. Everyone’s had the experience of misplacing their credit card. Sometimes you leave it at a restaurant, while other times it can slip out of your wallet. With most credit cards, you’re supposed to immediately call the bank, report it lost, and have it replaced.

Discover it ® Chrome. 2% cash back at gas stations and restaurants on up to $1,000 in combined purchases each quarter. Plus, earn unlimited 1% Cashback Bonus ® on all other purchases - automatically. Discover it ® Miles. 1.5x Miles for every dollar you spend with your card.

However, for Amex’s trip cancellation and interruption insurance, coverage does not apply to any accident, accidental bodily injury or loss caused by or resulting from the following, directly or indirectly: Preexisting conditions. The eligible traveler’s suicide, attempted suicide or intentionally self-inflicted injury.

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