Do you only need a passport to travel?

Juanita Williamson asked a question: Do you only need a passport to travel?
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  • You don’t need to present a passport if you are only traveling by land or sea. You need a passport, Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), your Green card, and proof of residence. You need a passport, Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), your Green card, and proof of residence.


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If you’re a foreign national traveling within the U.S., you’ll need your passport. Be sure to keep your passport safe. Flying within the U.S. without a passport as a foreign national can be quite...

You need to have at least 6 months left on an adult or child passport to travel to most countries in Europe (not including Ireland). If you renewed your current passport before the previous one ...

Passports or equivalent IDs are required to check in at European airports, even for flights within Europe. If your passport is from a European country that is within neither the Schengen Area nor...

The good news is that American citizens do not need a passport to fly domestically. You will always need a passport to fly internationally though. Read on for more info about the types of ID you can use while traveling domestically, upcoming changes to ID that will affect all US travelers, and how to get a passport.

Re: Do you need a passport if you travel from EU. 6 years ago. Save. Norway is in Schengen så theoretically no passport needed, but some airlines require passports and you need some sort of ID so carrying your passport is a good idea. If you are only travelling over land borders then there is no passport controll.

In many cases European citizens do have the right to do this, but it is often restricted by certain conditions and time limits and unfortunately this does not apply for British Citizens looking at travel abroad, you must have a Full UK Passport in order to travel outside the UK.

When traveling to the USA, the general rule is to have a passport that is valid for at least six months after the planned time of return. However, there are some countries, citizens of which can enjoy a bit more freedom regarding their passport expiry rules when traveling to the USA.

Check your passport is valid for travel before you book your trip, and renew your passport if you do not have enough time left on it. You must have at least 6 months left on an adult or child...

Citizens of the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom or the European Union who are planning a trip to Mexico will need to carry a valid passport for travel by air, and if traveling by land or sea, either a passport or other WHTI-compliant travel document such as a passport card or enhanced driver's license.

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