Do visa debit cards work for hotels?

Davon Kutch asked a question: Do visa debit cards work for hotels?
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Visa Debit can be used to make hotel reservations and other types of advance payments made prior to using a good or service… A hotel room, for example, is paid for at the time of booking, regardless of how far in advance the room is reserved.


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Given that many hotels only allow you to join a network using one device at a time (or charge extra for multiple devices), having a travel router makes it possible for us to use all our WiFi enabled devices at once without extra fees.

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  • Travel money cards use their own rate, determine by the financial institution that released the card. As for cash, it’s best to exchange your money when you arrive in Turkey. The commission at money exchanging kiosks in the US are much higher. Good news! Turkish bank ATMs do not charge a local ATM operator fee, though your bank may.

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❔ How does the hotels com free night work? has a very simple but rewarding loyalty program, called Rewards. When you book and stay 10 nights at eligible hotels via, you'll get 1 night free to redeem at another. works out the average value of all the 10 nights you've collected and gives it back to you as a free night.

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