Do travel agents mark up prices?

Immanuel Erdman asked a question: Do travel agents mark up prices?
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Motorcoach, cruise line and other charters are usually based on a net price which the agent marks up to their selling price. These services and products generally garner 10% to 20% and sometimes more for measured productivity.

The average gross margin for tour operators is 47%. Doing the math, that figure equates to a markup (additional price, aka margin dollars, added on top of the underlying costs they are paying for the tours they sell) of almost 100%. Your impression is accurate.


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  • Traveling is a regular part of the job, but it's not a vacation. Every few months, travel agents go on "fam trips," short for "familiarization," and they sound both ah-maz-ing and tiring, according to O'Shaughnessy: "You try everything you'd want to sell to your clients: You sleep in the hotels, eat the food, get the massages.

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  • So here’s to the bright future for travel agents! Despite all the naysayers over the past decade and more, travel agents have proven to be more resilient than anyone ever expected. And now they are poised to finally be recognized for the valuable and essential job they perform for the traveling public and the world economy.

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Retail, Business, Call Centre and Web-Based travel agents.

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  • High street travel agents. High street travel agents have been around for a long time…
  • Business travel agents
  • Call centre travel agents
  • Internet travel agents
  • Independent travel agents
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There are 3 different types of travel agents. These are Multiple travel agents, Miniple travel agents and Independent travel agents.

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Travel agents assist clients by setting up their travel accommodations. On a daily basis, you communicate with your clients to understand their travel goals, book hotels, flights, tourism activities, and other transportation necessities, and ensure you schedule and complete all reservations in a timely manner.

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  • Arrange travel for business and vacation customers
  • Determine customers' needs and preferences,such as schedules and costs
  • Plan and arrange tour packages,excursions,and day trips
  • Find fare and schedule information
  • Calculate total travel costs
  • Book reservations for travel,hotels,rental cars,and special events,such as tours and excursions

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A mark down pricing strategy requires tour operators to mark down their prices in order to remain competitive. It’s ideal during slower months. If the cost for your offering is normally £400 per person, then you might mark down your prices to £299 per person to allow you to (hopefully) earn some profit on each booking, while remaining competitive and keeping the business afloat.

Some agents also make money off of collecting service fees or "mark ups" (adding their fee into the total package), but not all agents do this. Many prefer to offer their services for free to the clients and only accept what the tour operators or hotels/resorts direct will pay them in commission.

The $1,500 is a tad over 10% which can be mark-up, and more than reasonable as a commission. Would, however, suggest you post your itinerary so comments can be made.

Agents that build FITs typically charge higher consultation, trip planning, and/or service fees to compensate. FIT travel agents make money not only through the fees mentioned above, but agents may also make money through net pricing mark-ups and commissions from the different vendors they're booking.

Additionally, some companies, especially within the cruising industry, offer agents special incentives — such as free trips — because travel agents typically drive more than 60 percent of their...

Mark: “All travel agents get paid commission from hotels and airlines, but this can be as low as one per cent so we have to make our money somewhere.

With a mark up tour pricing strategy, your prices are set so that each tour booked generates a profit. This requires you, as the tour and activity operator, to identify and understand all costs associated with the tour. Remember that your costs go beyond the resources and staff members used for the individual tour.

I'm a travel agent - yes we can get cheaper flight prices. We work with wholesalers. We work with wholesalers. Wholesaler price for example is 800.00, published fare is 899.00, I can mark up the wholesaler price and still come in under the published price.

VAT on Travel Agent's Mark up. VAT on Travel Agent's Mark up. The vast majority of airlines ceased paying commissions to agents including overide commission. The nett fare regime now prevails. The agents now charge the client a fee which they variously describe as a Ticketing fee, Admin fee, Service charge and some even call it a Management fee.

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