Do i need to take breast pump on vacation?

Liliane Ernser asked a question: Do i need to take breast pump on vacation?
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It's perfectly legal to board an airplane with a pump, but you may need to pack your breast milk separately from the rest of your belongings and declare your milk, pump, and bottles at the airport security checkpoint. The three-ounce rule that applies to other liquids does not apply to breast milk and juice.


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However, there is no specific TSA allowance waiving your breast pump bag as one of your carry-ons (meaning that your airline may count it as one). The good news is that most airlines will classify it as a “medical device” and not count it toward your carry-on limit, although, they may count your cooler.

Yes, you should be able to pump or breastfeed on your flight, but you may have to take special precautions to be discreet. If a fellow passenger complains about feeling uncomfortable, flight attendants may ask you to cover your chest with a blanket, or they may reseat you or the other passenger.

In most cases, it will be easiest to keep your most recently pumped breast milk out at room temperature, and then feed that to your baby. Fresh milk can safely be kept out at room temperature for about 4 hours; this way, you don’t need to worry about warming breast milk for baby while traveling.

If you are planning to use bottles on a breast pump on vacation, be sure to add these items to your baby packing list.

Whether or not you need a bag for your pump is really determined by how often you intend to travel with your pump. If you’ll need to take your pump back and forth from work every day, investing in...

When thinking about what you will need to begin breastfeeding, you may wonder if you need to obtain a breast pump prior to your baby’s birth. Unless baby is born prematurely or is diagnosed with a feeding anomaly, your body and some patience is all you initially need. Breastfeeding is a learned art, so give yourself some time before initiating pumping. Pumping can later be for convenience, (date night or “me” time) or need, like the return to work or school. In the hospital, ask for ...

Breast pumps have given working mothers a way to ensure that their baby gets breast milk even when they are not around. Many mothers also use pumps to express milk so that someone else can take a turn to feed the baby. This gives them time to rest or take a much-needed nap. However, using breast pumps has many disadvantages, such as those listed in this article. To circumvent the side effects of using a breast pump, mothers should try to directly breastfeed the child as much as possible ...

Like any skill worth having, it might take you a bit of time to get the hang of using a breast pump. The key is to be patient, even if you’re not able to express as much as you’d like right away. After all, a breast pump won’t stimulate the same feelings in you as your baby does. But, withtime, your body will usually learn to trigger your ...

What to Do with an Old Breast Pump. There are a few things that you can do with your old pump: Store it for a future baby; Sell your breast pump; Donate your breast pump; Recycle the pump; Here’s more information on each of these options. How to Store Your Breast Pump for a Subsequent Baby. If you plan on having another child – or even if you aren’t sure if one more baby is in the cards – it’s a good idea to keep your pump. You can get a new pump through insurance with each baby ...

Sterilize breast pump parts by placing them in boiling water for 5 to 10 minutes, or use a microwaveable bag to sterilize your pump. Purchase these microwaveable sterilization bags at any baby supply store. Allow your breast pump parts to air dry completely before putting the parts away to prevent mold growth. Prevent mold growth in your breast pump's tubing. If breast milk travels through tubes in your breast pump, you can sterilize the inside of the tubes by flushing rubbing alcohol ...

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