Do gamma rays travel the furthest?

Destini Stroman asked a question: Do gamma rays travel the furthest?
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Gamma radiation is the most penetrating. It can penetrate air, paper or thin metal. It may only be stopped by many centimetres of lead or many metres of concrete.


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❔ Do radio waves travel the furthest?

Since radio frequency does not stop in a vacuum it it continues to travel there is no real farthest frequency. There are differences when you're thinking terrestrial frequencies and The general rule is the higher the frequency the shorter the range that it is able to be reliably received.

❔ Does gamma or ultraviolet travel faster?

The light particle's energy has nothing to do with it's speed. More energetic light waves or particles do not travel faster than less energetic ones. They all move/propagate at the same 2.99792458 x 10^8 m/s. So, visible light does not travel faster than gamma rays.

❔ How are gamma rays travelling in a black hole?

  • Measurements of this gamma ray 'lightning' showed it was travelling across the event horizon - the boundary where nothing can escape the intense gravity of the black hole - at rates that appeared to be faster than the speed of light.

❔ How far can gamma rays travel in air?

How far can gamma rays travel? Gamma radiation, unlike alpha or beta, does not consist of any particles, instead consisting of a photon of energy being emitted from an unstable nucleus. Having no mass or charge, gamma radiation can travel much farther through air than alpha or beta, losing (on average) half its energy for every 500 feet.

❔ How far can gamma rays travel through steel?

Gamma rays can be emitted from the nucleus of an atom during radioactive decay. They are able to travel tens of yards or more in air and can easily penetrate the human body. Shielding this very penetrating type of ionizing radiation requires thick, dense material such as several inches of lead or concrete.

❔ How far can gamma rays travel?

They can travel arbitrarily far.

❔ How far can x rays travel?

X-rays are a form of light and can travel billions of miles if bright enough. In college I installed x-ray systems and we had to make measurements to assure the room is completely enclosed in lead shielding.

❔ How far does gamma radiation travel in air?

I'm answering this because you guys are wearing me out with "gamma radiation" questions. You know what "gamma radiation" is? It's radiation. So is light. So are X-Rays. How far does it travel in air? How far does light travel in air?

❔ How fast do rays travel?

  • If the radio waves and the X-rays are travelling in a vacuum, they both travel at the same speed c [speed of light - approximately 186,000 miles/second]

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Why do gamma rays travel farthest through matter? Wiki User. ∙ 2010-05-06 22:31:03. See Answer. Best Answer. Copy. They have less mass than other rays. Gamma rays are basically a wave, like sound.

More frequency means more velocity. Gamma rays travel the fastest in the EM spectrum as it has the highest frequency (in a medium), but red light has the lowest frequency in visible spectrum but still has the highest speed (in a medium). Why?

Alpha, Beta, Gamma in ascending order. Alpha particles leaves the nucleus of an unstable atom at a speed of 16,000 kilometres per second, around a tenth the speed of light. Beta particles travel at a speed of 270,000 kilometres per second, around 98% of speed of light. Gamma particles travel at the speed of light. 2 Likes 1 Dislikes.

Do gamma rays travel in a vacuum? To answer this question in short, yes gamma rays do travel in vacuum. Gamma rays are an electromagnetic wave, like light. What is the speed of gamma radiation in air or vacuum? Speed of gamma radiations in air or vacuum is 3×108ms−1.

jd writes "The SWIFT team have announced the furthest-ever observed super-massive gamma-ray burst (from 13 billion light years away). The burst was observed on the 6th of September and lasted for 3 minutes - long enough for a number of other telescopes to home in on the gigantic explosion. The dist... Slashdot.

Gamma radiation is the most penetrating. Even small levels can penetrate air, paper or thin metal. Higher levels can only be stopped by many centimetres of lead or many metres of concrete.

How do gamma rays travel? Wiki User. ∙ 2012-10-02 12:36:05. See answer. Best Answer. Copy. through matter. Wiki User. 2012-10-02 12:36:05. This answer is:

Gamma Rays can travel the furthest out of Beta, Alpha and gamma rays. How far will gamma rays travel? Gamma Rays will travel as long as they have energy. Do gamma rays travel at the speed of light?

Do gamma rays travel at the speed of light? Gamma rays travel exactly the speed of light because gamma rays are light. What are mechanical rays? Rays which need a medium to travel.

How fast do gamma rays travel? Although the energy inherent to light is quantized into discrete energy packets (a.k.a., photons), there are some properties shared by all forms of light. Light of any wavelength, from picometer-wavelength gamma-rays to radio waves more than a trillion times longer, all move at the speed of light in a vacuum.

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UV rays and all forms of radiation travel at the speed of light. Speed of light = 299,792,458 meters/second (source: Wikipedia) extremely fast, faster than alex holman taking a dump!

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How fast do gamma ray burst travel? They are associated with the deaths of massive stars in supernovas; though not every supernova produces a gamma-ray burst. Short duration bursts are those that last less then 2 seconds; lasting anywhere from a few milliseconds to 2 seconds with an average duration of about 0.3 seconds (or 300 milliseconds).

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