Can you travel independently in bhutan?

Gillian Schamberger asked a question: Can you travel independently in bhutan?
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Unfortunately, it is not possible to travel Bhutan independently (except for Indian, Bangladeshis, and Maldivians). Westerners must hire a tour company to get their visas to Bhutan approved. Not only that but once you're in Bhutan, you're not allowed to roam freely between cities – only with your tour guide.


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❔ How do i travel to bhutan from india?

  • You can travel to Bhutan from India by road driving your own cars. But you have to process the drivng permit. Samdrup Jongkhar, Gelephu and Phuentsholing are three entry gates for people who travel from India to Bhutan by road. You can also hire Bhutan taxi or private vans in Bhutan at reasonable cost.

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❔ How long does it take to travel bhutan?

  • How Long to Travel Usually a classic Nepal Bhutan tour takes about 9~19 days. If you just want to see the highlights of Nepal and Bhutan, 9 days is enough. If you want to explore more, the travel length can be extended to even one month.

❔ How safe is it to travel to bhutan?

Bhutan is a remarkably safe country with a low level of crime, but at the same time growing with its population, this is why you as a tourist should be very attentive as everywhere in the world while traveling. TRANSPORT & TAXIS RISK : MEDIUM

❔ How to travel from nepal to bhutan?

  • The best option to reach Bhutan from Nepal is on a flight, i.e. from Kathmandu Tribhuvan International Airport to Paro International Airport . On the flight, the distance between the two airports is 404 kilometres, and it takes around 1 hour and 15 minutes.

❔ Is hotel booking required for bhutan permit?

Hi All, A new rule has been introduced by Bhutan Govt. few weeks back, stating that all regional tourists have now to produce hotel booking receipts (either from hotel / tour operator) in order to get the entry permits. Please note, previously it was just to mention the name of the hotel and not the actual booking receipts.

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Yes Obviously !!! you can Travel Bhutan Independently Bhutan is a small country in the Himalayas between the Tibet Autonomous Region of China and India. Besides the stunning natural scenery, the enduring image of the country for most visitors is the strong sense of culture and tradition that binds the kingdom and clearly distinguishes it from its larger neighbours.

Independent travel to Bhutan is opening up but it's not something the government encourages. Generally, visitors to Bhutan must either be tourists, or guests of the government. The only other options for visiting the country are to receive an invitation by "a citizen of some standing" or a volunteer organization.

Independent travel to Bhutan is not allowed in Bhutan. All tours to Bhutan should be booked through local agent. For all independent traveller visitors to Bhutan must either be tourists, guests of the government or family friends who are invited.

Can you visit Bhutan without a guide? Yes, if you are from India, Bangladesh or Maldives. And independent travel or backpacking in Bhutan is for tourists from these 3 countries. People from other countries cannot travel independently in Bhutan without your travel routing through a government approved tour operator.

If you are not a citizen of India, Bangladesh or the Maldives, you can’t travel in Bhutan independently. The only way to travel in Bhutan for the rest of the world is to book a tour through a licensed Bhutanese Tour Operator. Also, there are minimum daily package rates set by the Bhutanese government for all tours.

1. You Can’t Travel Without A Tour Guide. We are quite sure that many of you would want to organize your trip independently. You would want to book a hotel and get an airplane ticket online by yourself. However, traveling to Bhutan would require you to book your trip through a licensed tour operator such as Druk Asia.

As independent travelers, we were apprehensive about going on a guided tour in Bhutan... but the reality was far different from what we expected! Despite fears of no independence and boring old guides, traveling with our tour guide turned out to be one of the highlights of our 3+ weeks in Bhutan. Read on to learn why!

Bhutan is closed for tourism until further notice. Total 2543 cases of novel coronavirus were detected and just 1 person died due to COVID-19 in Bhutan so far. Tourism reopening is expected to be announced after current vaccination drive is finished. Read more about novel coronavirus crisis in this detailed FAQ! You can also register to get info when Bhutan reopens.

Flights into Bhutan are heavily weather-dependent, and conditions can be quite unpredictable. All take-offs and landings at Paro Airport are by visual flight rules, which means pilots can only take off or land if they are able to see the runway and surrounding hills.

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  • While travel to Syria independently is not impossible, there are a few hurdles. First of all, your security clearance will cost you a lot, 270-500 USD. Of course, you will still need to pay for your visa at the border or at the embassy.
Is travel insurance mandatory for bhutan?

Insurance is never mandatory, but very much advised. It is part of the cost of a trip, and covers also cancellation before the trip starts, luggage, and repatriation, on top of medical care.

Is travelling allowed in bhutan?

All tourists (excluding Indian, Bangladeshi and Maldivian passport holders) who wish to travel to Bhutan require a visa and must book their holiday through a Bhutanese tour operator or one of their international partners. The tour operator will take care of Visa arrangements for visitors.

What airport do i travel to bhutan?

The Paro International Airport in Bhutan is situated in Paro, a valley town in Bhutan, is the only international airport of the four airports of Bhutan, and is located not very far from the city. The airport was started in 1968, and is quite small, having just one runway and one terminal.

When do you need to make travel arrangements for bhutan?
  • You should try and make your travel arrangements at least 90 days prior to travel to allow time for all the formalities to be completed. The visas are processed through an online system by the tour operators, and are approved by the Tourism Council of Bhutan once full payment of the cost of the trip has been received.
When is the best time to travel to bhutan?
  • March, April, October and November are particularly busy because these are the best times to experience local festivals and go trekking. If you would like to travel to Bhutan during one of these periods, book your trip at least 3 months in advance. The spring and fall months have the best weather for hiking.