Can you leave your stuff in a hotel?

Verner Shields asked a question: Can you leave your stuff in a hotel?
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There are no circumstances under which the hotel would leave your stuff in your room as this would prevent them from renting the room to others. Any decent hotel would take your items and put them in temporary storage for some period of time.


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A. Think of your phone charger as a gift to the next hapless traveler who forgot their own. Most hotels will keep a box of lost chargers, converters, and adapters at the front desk to loan out to...

From having worked in a hotel for several years, I can tell you that many people THINK they left things in the room but really didn't.

Hotel trash cans are pretty small, the remnants of last night’s dinner may not fit. If you’ve got overflow, pile the boxes next to the trash can instead of leaving them scattered all around the...

For guests who think they have left something behind, a call back to the hotel means they will still be able to find the item. If they don't, then “it stays in the lost and found” and will remain...

Yes, hotels do pay someone to clean up after you. But that doesn’t mean you should treat the housekeeper with less respect than you would treat a friend who invites you to spend the weekend. And in those rare occasions when things get out of hand, make sure to show your appreciation through a sizable tip.

So hotel safes are not as safe you think. Still, they’re a step above leaving your valuables in a bureau or in unlocked luggage. Here are additional ways to keep your things secure: Use the Do Not Disturb sign strategically. Hang it on your door when you leave the room. You might leave the radio or TV on too. This keeps hotel employees out.

2) You might also consider skipping the hotel shampoo too: it’s often cheap and pretty harsh stuff, and can dry out your hair — especially if you’re in a different climate too. Many folks I know have sworn off shampoo, using a fresh-smelling conditioner like tea tree or mint instead to cleanse their scalp and letting their hair’s ...

You must not leave your room except in exceptional circumstances (such as an emergency) or with explicit permission from the security staff. Family and friends cannot visit you while you are...

The Muse Hotel in New York City has a team of packing professionals that can come to your room to help you pack your suitcase – for free! The Kimpton Hotel’s on-call packing team will fold and fit your travel treasures into your suitcase and, if you bought more than your suitcase can handle, they will package and mail the items to your home.

According to the convention, the compensation for lost items is limited to 100 times the daily price of the hotel room for a theft committed inside the hotel, and 50 times the daily price of the ...

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One of the most dangerous hotel habits is leaving valuables, such as travel documents and electronics, in plain sight after leaving the hotel room. When travelers leave their valuable items out for anyone to see, they are at risk of walking away when cleaning staff comes to take care of the room.

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