Best time to travel to iceland and where to stay?

Ludie Collins asked a question: Best time to travel to iceland and where to stay?
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Midnight sun and warmer temperatures make summer the best season to visit Iceland. Although hikers will want to consider July and August as the best time to visit Iceland whereas February, March, September and October are typically the best time to visit Iceland for the Northern Lights.


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  • Here are the upscale escapes that Oyster's experts rated as the top luxury hotels in Iceland. Hotel Ranga 4.5 Hella, Iceland. Situated about 75 minutes south of Reykjavik , the Hotel Ranga is a 51-room luxury property that's in proximity to some of Iceland’s most spectacular natural and remote wonders.

❔ What is the best travel deals for iceland?

  • Thingvellir. Snorkel between tectonic plates in Silfra Fissure or go hiking along scenic trails — Thingvellir National Park is the perfect place to ...
  • Mývatn.
  • Reykjavik.
  • Snaefellsnes.
  • The Blue Lagoon.

❔ Which is the best travel agency for iceland?

  • Get ready for your trip Established in 2002, Nordic Visitor is an award-winning travel agency based in Iceland. Our local experts live in Iceland, and travel extensively across the country. They have in-depth knowledge of the attractions, locations and activities you'll want on your itinerary.

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Quick Summary of the Best Time to Visit Iceland The best weather in Iceland is from May to August when you can expect pleasant temperatures, long days. But this is also when Iceland sees the highest number of visitors. Outdoor lovers and hikers consider the best time to visit Iceland is July and August where temperatures are moderate and there are plenty of activities on offer.

The Midnight Sun is a period of continuous daylight in Iceland. The best time to go to Iceland for the midnight sun is from May to August it will be complete daylight at midnight, with the sun setting just before. The summer solstice is normally around June 21st and is peak Midnight Sun viewing time.

Iceland is the best place to see the Northern Lights Northern Lights. Source Getty Images. Being located at the latitude of approximately 64° north, Iceland is one of the best parts in the world to look at these dancing lights. Tons of people have already chosen it as one of the best destinations to travel and have enjoyed this phenomenon.

While there are many options available and more establishments opening their doors all the time, accommodation in Iceland tends to book up very quickly. Throughout the summer and the Christmas period, the hotels are usually full, and this is becoming the case increasingly during what was once ‘off-peak’ season .

Keflavik – Best place to stay Iceland for the famous Blue Lagoon. Keflavik, 50 km from Reykjavik on the Reykjanes peninsula is where Iceland’s Keflavik international airport is located. While most visitors to Iceland will choose to stay in Reykjavik, Keflavik offers many hotel options as well for those wishing to be close to the airport.

But, even if you plan to rent a car in Iceland, I recommend spending 1 or 2 days in Reykjavik, since it’s one of the best places to stay in Iceland if you want to enjoy Icelandic food and soak up the culture in interesting museums.

To make the most of your time traveling in Iceland, take note of our top 11 travel tips before setting out on your adventure. 1. Go Sightseeing Under the Midnight Sun. You can expect some of Iceland’s most popular attractions to be a bit crowded during the long summer days of high season.

One of the most unique places to stay in Iceland is also found along the Golden Circle. The Golden Circle is one of the best areas to stay in Iceland – particularly if you’re visiting Iceland for 5 days or less, yet still want to get out in the Icelandic nature.

Summertime can offer travelers nearly 21 hours of daylight, with the sun rising as early as 2:55 a.m. near the end of June and setting just before midnight. Moderate temperatures, typically in the...

If you’re visiting Iceland during the winter months in the hopes of seeing the northern lights, then this is the town to stay. The Grotta lighthouse is one of the best places see the northern lights in the city. There are several bus routes to Seltjarnarnes which makes it very easy to quickly get around the town and into the city.

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Best Time To Visit Iceland – May-August. Best Time To Go To Reykjavik – September–October. Best Time To See the Northern Lights – October-November. Best Time To Do the Golden Circle – Spring (May–June), autumn (September–October) Best Time For Sightseeing – May–mid-June, September.

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