Barclay card arrival plus what qualifies as travel?

Milton O'Conner asked a question: Barclay card arrival plus what qualifies as travel?
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  • Arrival Plus miles are redeemable for 1 cent per point toward travel purchases. Obvious travel purchases such as flights, hotels, cruises, taxis, trains and rental cars qualify. Less obvious travel purchases, such as campgrounds, tolls, and public transit also qualify.


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âť” Does barclay credit card cover travel insurance?

Who is eligible for Barclaycard travel insurance coverage? Barclaycard cardholders, their spouse or domestic partner and unmarried dependent children are covered under Mastercard’s travel insurance policies. For coverage, you must book flights and car rentals using your Barclaycard credit card. Visa auto rental collision damage

âť” Do you have to use barclay card for travel redemption?

  • You absolutely have to use your Arrival Plus to charge whatever travel expense you want to redeem your miles for. The first step in redeeming is to log into your Barclaycard account and to click on the “Rewards & Benefits Center.”  Then click “Start using my miles.” Next select “Redeem now” under “Travel statement credits.”

âť” Sapphire reserve what qualifies travel?

Merchants in the travel category include airlines, hotels, motels, timeshares, car rental agencies, cruise lines, travel agencies, discount travel sites, campgrounds and operators of passenger trains, buses, taxis, limousines, ferries, toll bridges and highways, and parking lots and garages.

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The Barclaycard Arrival Plus™ World Elite MasterCard® currently has a all-time high welcome bonus of 50,000 miles that can be used for a statement credit for ANY travel expenses made to your card.

But, Barclays recently announced that Arrival Plus travel statement credit redemptions now start at 5,000 miles for $50 toward a travel charge of $100 or more. And, through Jan. 31, 2021, you can offset qualifying gas, grocery and restaurant purchases.

Successful – Plus Only… 5 Responses to "Barclay’s Arrival Card Travel Purchase, What Qualifies? & How To Redeem" Carson says: September 11, 2014 at 8:50 am Nice article Steve. Curious as to the how well are the 40k points ratio for this card if you know versus other cards in comparison.

To redeem statement credits for travel, log into your Barclaycard Arrival account and under “ Pay Yourself Back For Travel ” click “ Redeem Now.” Travel Expenses Must Be a Minimum of $25 (2,500 Miles) to Redeem Miles Here are the purchases Barclaycard counted as travel. (I previously discussed the airlines listed.)

Barclaycard Arrival Plus currently offers this rewards bounty to new cardholders who spend at least $5,000 within 90 days of account opening. And since Arrival Plus miles are worth a bit more than a penny apiece when redeemed for travel, it’s worth more than $700 in travel.

While the Barclaycard Arrival Plus® World Elite Mastercard® offers 2X miles on all purchases, the Barclaycard Arrival™ World MasterCard® offers 2X miles only on travel and dining. Barclaycard also...

The Arrival Plus is currently available with a best-ever welcome bonus of 70,000 miles after you spend $5,000 in the first 90 days. Miles are worth a flat 1 cent apiece when redeemed toward travel expenses, meaning this sign-up bonus worth $700. In reality, though, it’s slightly better than that as the card offers a 5% rebate on redeemed ...

Aside from earning 2x on all purchases, the competitive Arrivals Miles can be redeemed towards travel – and you might be surprised at some of the things Barclays considers to be travel purchases! One might think just flights or hotels qualify as travel charges, but there are several other options to make a trip just a little more affordable.

For existing cardholders, the Arrival Plus earns 2 miles per $1 on all purchases, for a reasonable annual fee. Redemption is straightforward: Turn miles into statement credit for any travel expense...

Plus, with unlimited 2X miles on every purchase, cardmembers will earn a total of 75,000 miles when they spend $25,000 on purchases each year, the equivalent of a $750 travel statement credit towards a qualifying travel purchase. The Barclays Arrival Premier World Elite Mastercard annual fee is $150 and includes the following features:

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How does barclaycard arrival travel statement credit work?
  • Travel Statement Credit – Barclaycard Arrival’s “travel statement credit” feature enables customers to offset any travel-related purchase with their miles. Minimum Threshold for Redemption – You need to accrue 2,500 miles or 1,000 points before you can redeem for cash back.
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NerdWallet's Best Travel Credit Cards of July 2021. Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card: Best for Flat-rate travel rewards; Bank of America® Travel Rewards credit card: Best for No annual fee

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