Are we going to war with turkey?

Brody Ruecker asked a question: Are we going to war with turkey?
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Is there a risk of Russia going to war with Turkey?

  • Anthony Skinner, director of MENA at global risk analysis company Verisk Maplecroft, said the risk of Russia and Turkey going to war was low, despite the escalation in conflict between Assad’s forces and the Turkish army. “Erdogan and Putin have a vested interest in trying to resolve the conflict through a political deal.


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  • Turkey’s true economic challenges are structural. The country’s business and economic outlook hinges on problems other than terrorism and security. The domestic saving rate, stagnant productivity, unemployment, and rapidly increasing labor costs all adversely affect growth.

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  • Cold Turkey. You use the phrase ‘Cold Turkey’ to talk about the sudden and total withdrawal from a substance like alcohol or cigarettes, as well as the psychological or physiological effects resulting from that withdrawal. Going ‘Cold Turkey’ means literally stopping such a habit abruptly and completely.

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Plus, you get unlimited calling and texting to Mexico and Canada from the US—for free. When you travel abroad in 210+ countries and destinations you will have unlimited data at up to 128kbps, which is great for web browsing, e-mail, social media, and occasional use of certain features like GPS/maps.

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Secondly, one source familiar with the White House's role in helping to facilitate the trip made clear that after January 20th, it could be 30-60 days before Biden or other senior officials could get to the chronically unstable countries of Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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At Whole Foods in East Liberty, spokesperson Kim Wynnyckyj reported that salmon, ham and standing rib roasts are typical choices for people picking up something to go with the turkey. Ham is also a popular item for D'Artagnan, a high-end specialty meat and meat product company.

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  • For Thanksgiving in the United States, turkey is typically served stuffed or with dressing (on the side), with cranberry sauce and gravy. Common complementary dishes include mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, green beans, squash, and sweet potatoes.