Are there senior discounts for asia travel?

Samir O'Reilly asked a question: Are there senior discounts for asia travel?
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❔ Are there senior citizen travel discounts?

There are many different ways to book a trip; you can get a travel agent or book online. Many places offer discounts, such as senior citizen discounts. One such online place is

❔ Are there senior discounts for travel to brazil?

You can get travel discounts through AARP. You can visit their website at to sign up and find out all the discounts and advantages available to you.

❔ Are there any discounts for senior citizens for cruise travel?

One nice thing about being a senior is the discounts that one can get on food, movies, and travel. Here is a website that offers discounts for seniors on cruises:

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Dear Editor,. Can you tell me if there is a senior discount for travel to Asia? Donald W. Dear Donald,. Yes, Cathay Pacific, a Hong Kong-based airline, offers 55 Plus Worry Free Fares.These fares ...

Amtrak offers 10 percent discounts to senior travelers for coach travel on most trains, but the discount does not apply to sleeper travel, business class, or most trips on Acela.

What is the Minimum Age to Get Senior Travel Discounts on Flights? Every airline has its own set of rules for senior travel. This means, there is no fixed senior age category which is applicable to all airlines. Depending on the rules set by a specific airline, the senior travelers may be between 55 to 65, whereas for some it can be 60-62 ...

Meanwhile, all seniors aged 60 and above get 2 per cent discount on Tuesdays. Meanwhile, at Giant, senior citizens aged 60 and above get 3 per cent off groceries on Tuesdays.

In the US, there are both low-cost and major airlines that offer senior travel deals from time to time. As a rule, there is no age limit fixed for seniors to be eligible for such deals. Depending on the rules set by various airlines in some cases the age range varies between 55 to 65 and for some, it can be 60-62.

Intrepid, Kiwi Experience (New Zealand), Context Travel (walking tours) and BusAbout are great places to find discounts on tours and excursions, especially last minute, but again, they may not be senior specific. Senior Travel Groups and Clubs: These groups allow you to save on senior travel

You're in for a treat. is offering wonderful discounts for senior travel. The discount is for both domestic as well as international destinations, on all classes of services in exciting number of top airlines. The world is so big, there's so much to explore, so many beautiful destinations that even a lifetime is less to explore all of them.

All IHG hotels offer a senior discount rate, but it will vary from property to property. Marriott. This hotel chain offers a senior discount to those 62 and older who show ID at check-in. Royal Caribbean. This cruise line offers reduced senior prices only on select sailings exclusively for guests who are 55 years of age and older. Thrifty Car Rental

Senior Travel Tours by Adventures Abroad: exceptional-value, small-group senior travel packages to 120 countries across Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America and beyond for three decades. With expert tour leaders and over 350 unique itineraries, our seniors tours are designed to feature the major sightseeing highlights of destinations, as well as comprehensive "off-the-beaten-path" exploration.

Taco Bueno has a 10% senior discount at participating locations (please contact your local Taco Bueno directly to verify this senior discount) TCBY has a 10% discount available for senior citizens 55+ (please contact your local TCBY directly to verify this senior discount)

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Senior discounts when travelling to australia?

For older Australians, the Seniors Card is the ultimate way to get discounts. Each state and territory has its own Seniors Card, with some reciprocal arrangements for using your card when travelling in other states.

Which vacation packages offer senior discounts?

You can go to your church. Usually churches do group senior vacation packages that are a discount if you are a member of that church. Just check in with your church. The city might also be doing senior discounted trips.

Are there a1 travel discounts?

A1travel advertises that they offer bargain travel and holidy prices. Essentially, everything that they offer, they would consider "discounted". They also offer price matching, stating that they will ensure that they offer the lowest price available, or match it.

Do any train stations offer senior citizen travel discounts?

Amtrak offers senior citizen travel discounts, so you should contact their reservation department and ask about that. My grandparents used to love to travel by train.

Senior travel discounts at tourist sites/sights in beijing?

Yes, seniors often do get travel discounts as well. The only proof of age that you usually require is a valid passport.

What websites have information on discounts for senior travel?

For information on discounts for senior travel visit the following websites: and Call the airlines to ask about special unadvertised rates for seniors.

Where can i find information on senior travel discounts?

You can find reliable information on senior travel discounts on the following webpage:

Where can we get last minute senior travel discounts?

There are many last minute travel sites available for seniors. I have listed a few links to get you started. I hope you find them helpful.

What travel agencies in hawaii offer discounts for senior citizens?

The Hawaiian travel agencies which offer discounts for senior citizens include the following agencies: Regal Travel, Hawaiian Airlines, and Go Hawaii.

Where can i find senior travel discounts to costa rica?

Many different companies offer senior discounts through programs including, but not limited to aarp. The best thing to do would be to call any travel agency you may be interested in and asking if they offer any senior discounts.

Which hotels offer senior discounts for seniors?
  • If you’re 62 or older, you can get a 15 percent discount (or more!) on a room at Marriott hotels around the world. This discount is available at all Marriott Hotels, including Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott. You can book online or call and ask for the senior discount. 2. Red Roof Inn This discount takes a little more sleuthing than the others.
When am i eligible for senior hotel discounts?

Dear Editor, I am 57 years old. Do I qualify for senior hotel discounts? Thanks, B.A. Dear Reader, Yes, at age 57 you are eligible for most senior hotel

Are there travel agents specialized in senior travel?

You can learn about travel agencies specializing in senior travel by reading wonderful articles at and You will find wonderful opportunities for travel tours organized for seniors.

American express are there any travel discounts?

The American Express Travel booking portal has excellent search functionality for cruises, allowing you to filter by date, destination, cruise line and trip duration even before you log in. If you book through the portal, you’ll earn 2x points per dollar spent. If you’re a Platinum or Business Platinum Amex cardholder, you can get exclusive perks through the Cruise Privileges Program like $100-$300 in shipboard credits, which you can put toward dining or spas, or amenities ...

Are there hardship discounts for airline travel?

While fares offered under the bereavement policy vary in price, the additional flexibility may be beneficial to accommodate unexpected changes in your travel plans. This policy, however, can only be applied by calling Delta Reservations at 800-221-1212 for domestic flights or 800-241-4141 for international flights.

Are there travel discounts available for seniors?

There are many websites that offer deals for seniors as well as people that aren't older. Here are a few:,, and

Where can i find senior citizen travel discounts, so i can travel more?

Many of the large companies like airlines, rail lines, etc. have senior discounts that you just have to ask for. Organizations such as AARP and AAA will also have travel packages and discounts. The bottom line is that if you are considering traveling to a certain place, try to minimize the cost other ways (traveling in a region's off-season, for example) and then ask all the travel companies, resorts, etc. if they have senior discounts. Membership in travel organizations such as AAA or senior organizations such as AARP may be helpful, too; you can call them to look into those options.

Is there a local or national travel agency or website that specializes in senior travel, and gives discounts for senior citizen rentals at different destinations?

You can check out different travel agencies in the local yellow pages, or you can find websites that are specialized in senior travel and discounts. There should be many different things for you to choose from and you will find something good for you.

Are there any senior european travel groups?

There are many packages and discounts offered for the seniors not only food and movies but airfare, etc. Here is more information on senior travel:

Are there any senior group travel tours?

Senior Citizen Tours - Personalized and comfortable holiday - gift holiday. expedition to India's wildest and least explored state Arunachal travel through. Yogyakarta on an exclusive 55+ aged and Senior Citizen small group tour.