8 tips for a dog-friendly beach vacation (got your dog sunscreen?

Brycen Kunze asked a question: 8 tips for a dog-friendly beach vacation (got your dog sunscreen?
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Pack a can of Epi-Pet Sun Protector Spray to spritz on your dog before heading outside. Once applied, work it into the skin with your hands or a brush. You can also wipe your pooch down with Petkin Doggy Sunwipes, which will help keep him shielded from the sun. Make sure to cover his nose, as this is the most exposed area.

Sun safety. If your pup has short hair or light skin, be sure to apply some doggy sunscreen before hitting the sand. Staying in the shade during the hottest part of the day will also reduce the risk of your pup overheating. Ensure that your dog drinks plenty of water (not salt water!).

Rinse your dog off with clean water each time you come back from the beach, then follow up with a soothing, natural shampoo if your dog has sensitive skin. If you’re staying at a cottage, most have outdoor showers and hoses with warm water that are ideal for rinsing off your dog.

The number one priority is making sure the beach is dog-friendly. This step goes beyond merely allowing dogs. Scope the beach out ahead of time and see if other people tend to bring their pups. If so, you can safely assume the people who visit the beach are at least dog-tolerant. Plus, it's also an excellent idea to introduce the beach to your dog slowly.

It might also be helpful to bring their favorite dog bed along for the ride for use in your dog-friendly beach vacation rental. Not all dogs swim. Yet, if you will be taking them to the Gulf on Fort Morgan’s dog-friendly beaches or visiting the Dog Pond at Gulf State Park , consider bringing a life vest specially made for dogs.

And don’t forget to apply a sunscreen specially formulated for dogs to your pup’s nose and ears 30 minutes before hitting the beach and several times during the day. 9. Don’t overdo it. Running on sand is strenuous, so don’t expect your dog to be able to fetch as long as he might at the dog park.

Consider freezing at least some of the water so it’s chilled and refreshing when your dog looks especially parched. And don’t forget to bring plenty of food; your dog’s normal diet will suffice. While he’s probably going to go wild for dog beach day, nothing will derail it as quickly as a growling stomach will. 2. Dog Bowls

4. Visit a Dog-Friendly Beach. There are actually plenty of dog-friendly beaches. Your dog can have fun running around, splashing in the water, playing fetch, or digging in the sand. Check out which dog-friendly beaches are near you. 5. Pack a Picnic. If you’re a picnic kind of person, why not bring your dog along too?

If it swallows too much it'll throw it up, just make sure your dog drinks water afterwards. Definitely don't let it eat sand, I think that was mentioned already. Our in laws had to make an emergency vet visit in the middle of the night because of that. Also, depending on your dog and the day, you might bring sunscreen for the head and ears.

Many beaches across the country welcome dogs year-round, and other local beaches permit dogs to romp leash-free in the off-season, during the fall and winter months. If there’s one close to you, pack some towels, sunscreen (for you and your pet), some sand-friendly toys and hit the road. Be sure to check with local municipalities to make sure the beach is open and find out if you need a pet permit in advance.

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For a regular person wearing a bathing suit, plan on about 25ml (or about an ounce) every 2 hours. Cooking and baking experts estimate an ounce is roughly the size of your cupped palm. So, every time you apply sunscreen, you can picture the right amount to cover your body fits in your hand. Figuring out how much sunscreen to pack for a vacation

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Remove half of the clothes, and pack twice as much money. This is true with sunscreen too. It’s not Murphy’s law, but it should be someone’s law… you will undoubtedly run out of sunscreen on day 4 of a 7 week vacation. It is human nature to pack more of the exciting stuff - that new flamingo shirt - than the boring stuff like sunscreen.

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Answer 1 of 7: How much sunscreen and what SPF do you usually bring for a 7 day trip for 2 people? 6 days until our vacation and very excited! Bring MORE than you think you will ever need. Get this...we have been to Cancun five times, and this year (last week) we forgot to "reapply" on our second day…

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I'd take at least 1 per person plus an extra. In June we went through SO MUCH but never have used that much on vacation ever before in the winter. So I guess it depends on how much you burn and even the time of year.

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My husband is olive complected so we did spf 30 waterproof. I would say two cans of spray if you are out all day long and reapply. I forgot my spray can and had to buy one at RPLA it was $26.00us for a can! I could have walked across the street but I didn't want to mis a second of pool time. Have a wonderful time!

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There are 35 days in 5 weeks so, 6 applications x 1.5oz x 7 days x 5 weeks = 315oz; Add a safety margin of 10-20% to make it an even 350-400oz; You are going to love carrying around that much sunscreen. All jokes aside, you might not be spending 12 hours under the sun every single day. In any case it is up to you to calculate how much you need.