25 travel for work is how much?

Alba Schmeler asked a question: 25 travel for work is how much?
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  • 25% travel is the maximum amount an interviewer will tell a job interviewee because he knows if he say 75% no one will accept the job. I think this must be standard practice in many industries. If he really meant 25% he would have said “infrequent”. On the other hand, “occasional travel” means that you might as well not even own a house.


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The average salary for a travel agent is $57,377 per year in the United States and $150 tips per day. Additional compensation Data source tooltip for additional compensation.

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You can claim a flat rate of 68c per kilometre for every business kilometre you cover (previously 66c per kilometre for claims up to 30 June 2018). You'll need to keep a diary of all work-related journeys so you can work out how many kilometres you've travelled for work.

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25% travel is the maximum amount an interviewer will tell a job interviewee because he knows if he say 75% no one will accept the job. I think this must be standard practice in many industries. . Slight digression here. I’ve taken jobs that advertised 100% travel and lived out of a suitcase (or two) for a few years.

I am certainly willing to travel for work. At my last job in sales, I spent about half my time on the road, so the roughly 25% travel time we discussed for this job sounds more than acceptable. I just have a few more questions about how frequently trips are taken for this position and the typical length of a business trip.

How much travel is required for this role and what are some examples of the travel that would be involved?" An example of how to best answer this question for entry level candidates: "I have no limitations on my ability to travel for my work and I have done extensive travel to date, including my semester abroad last year.

Sarah * May 25, 2018 at 10:15 am. Work in my field is often 60-75% travel. It usually means driving out Sunday. And travel home is on Saturday approximately 1/2 the time. It’s close to 100% travel in the spring and summer.

If an employer tells you that you’ll be expected to be travelling 25 per cent of the time, follow that up with an inquiry into how the time is broken down. Does 25 per cent road time mean you’re away from home for four months of the year, or does it mean one or two days a week, every week of the year? There’s a huge difference between the two.

The rules on travel hours of work depend on whether an employee is covered by or exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). For FLSA-exempt employees, the crediting of travel time as hours of work is governed under title 5 rules-in particular, 5 U.S.C. 5542 (b) (2) and 5544 (a) (3) and 5 CFR 550.112 (g) and (j).

While it's hard to predict how much work travel is too much for any one person, there are some ways that you can identify to stave off travel burnout. Physical Signs of Burnout Your body can be an excellent indicator of travel burnout.

It means that the employer expects you to be traveling or in cities other than your home city for 70 percent of your working days. So you would expect to spend seven days traveling or away from home for every three days in your home town/office. This is a very high amount of travel.

Discuss how much travel the employer anticipates for you. While traveling to a convention twice a year might not give you a lot of room for negotiation, being asked to fly across the country twice a week means a major adjustment to your lifestyle and is grounds for additional compensation.

A recent study asked 500 people to choose between two job scenarios: Job 1 offered $67,000/year with a 50-minute commute. Job 2 offered $64,000/year with a 20-minute commute. The winner was clear: 84 percent picked the job with more money and a longer commute.

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If travel time counts as working time, it’s up to the employer to decide if the employee gets paid for it. Check the contract if you’re not sure. The employer must still follow the law on the National Minimum Wage. If the employee has no fixed place of work

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How Does Travel Insurance Work? In most scenarios, travel insurance reimburses you for your covered financial losses after you file a claim and the claim is approved. Filing a claim means submitting proof of your loss to Allianz Global Assistance, so that we can verify what happened and reimburse you for your covered losses.

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Travel reimbursement is the way employers pay their employees back for expenses they have incurred during business-related travel. Such expenses can range from airfare to mileage, event registration, parking, and meals. Depending on your travel policy, employees may need to pay for these first.